It’s Friday … you know whats good

  • Went to the strip club again.  It’s not important the exact course of actions that led me there … but I was there with the same people wearing the same thing as last time.  It’s funny how some of the girls there have been working there since I first went back in college.  This place is not the place to make a career out of … not that you can’t be a career stripper … but not at the whole in the wall I go to.  Almost want to save em (and one of em really could come home and get saved too).
  • A couple of times me and friends have been at the strip club and seen a girl so fine … so vicious … so gorgeous … you just think … “Why are you stripping?”  Someone with money and no motivation in life needs to just take care of her … she is too beautiful to be doing all that for $5.
  • Howard’s Homecoming is this weekend.  That mean an abundance of females in my city and outrageously overpriced club entry.  I’m tempted to just take my bike to the campus, park it, and leave it at that instead of paying $60 to get into a crowded club.
  • My “ulcer” hasn’t acted up in weeks.  I think I’m finally getting this stress thing under control.  And it’s not like there has been an absent of stress inducing situations … guess I’m just getting better at it.
  • I really hate dating and all that it encompasses.  I don’t think I have said that enough here considering this is a dating site … but the whole “dance” sickens me and overall it’s such a waste of time and effort.  I think I’m going to just hurry up and get married and take myself out the pool.  Or maybe I should rededicate myself to staying single … hmmmm … decisions.
  • I signed up for Rhapsody this week.  They have a plethora of chopped & screwed music along with Three 6 Mafia and all my favorite down south artists.  On a side note …  I finally think the music is starting to incite a deep seeded ignorant part of me that I had long buried.
  • I hate it when women tell me I speak proper and are surprised I’m from the county I’m from (Prince George’s) or went to the high school I went too.  I swear they look at me like because I can speak well I’m some type of f*cking anomaly.
  • Apparently I possess the ability to spit highly believable and convincing spouts of bullsh*t on the fly.  I realized it as I was helping someone prepare for an interview and I was asked “How do you just think of that so quick?”  I think it comes from years of literally convincing my parents that I didn’t need to do chores … while avoiding an ass whooping … and making them feel good about it all.
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