Having problems finding men? Maybe you need to get you a star.

The Light Skin Nation could really be equated to the Sneetches.

We can talk until we’re blue in the face about light skin and dark skin complexes and competitions.  But ain’t none of us going to ever be blue, we either going to be light or dark.  This here is about how dark skin people pushed light skin people to ground and told them to stay there or we’ll smack the black off your a*s.  Or whatever is left…

I should have hit up Peyso to talk about where the light skin nation came from.  I’m sure he’d take it all the way back to the times of slavery.  But I’m pretty sure that’s a well belabored point at this point.  What I will say is that up until about 1993, light skin nation was killing the game really hard.  After Tupac, we never gave it back.  In the words of George Lopez, “WE AIN’T GOING NOWHERES.”  Obama has a lot of you fools thinking that light skin is in.  It’s not.  If we want to go blow for blow, no homo, then for every Obama there is a Chris Brown.  People still talking about Debarge and ignoring the fact that him and platinum cuffs and hand bars go together like peanut butter and jelly.

But let me be clear, this post is about the men, not the women. I’m sorry, but the female light skin nation still has you beat.  It’s not about who’s better or not, as I will explain later, it’s about, “if you think you’re beaten you are.”  What I can do is recommend that you genuflect and listen to how the Dark Skin nation took back the crown that begun with the Zulu Nation and extended to Frederick Douglass, before W.E.B. and Booker T. stole it.

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We worked hard.

You want to know why immigrants come to this country, naturalize (I don’t know what that means either), and aren’t on unemployment?  They take the jobs no one else was willing to take and they do it with pride and dignity.  Look at people like Samuel L. Jackson, say what you want about the man, but he works hard and frequently.  He keeps work.

We had consistent positive images in media.

Women couldn’t get enough of Drake.  They blasted Room For Improvement, Comeback Season and So Far Gone.  But when the video for “Best I Ever Had” came out, it all went south for the man.  Maintaining a consistent positive image in the media will take you far in promoting your nation.

We spoke up and against negative influences on our name.

You got to know when to kick someone out the group.  That’s the thing with the light skin nation, they always want to hold on to a sinking ship. I previously mentioned DeBarge, that boy is a delinquent, kick him out.  Chris Brown was on stage at the BET Awards everyone started tweeting that he was back, kick him out.  Take R. Kelly for example, we kicked that boy out as soon as the tape came out.  No way. Not us.  You can’t be pissing on babies.

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We didn’t sit in groups or circles arguing about our complexion with people with complexes.

Black people love to have discussions about race and romance.  That’s what we love to do because it gives us a chance to vent about something that probably isn’t going to change anytime soon.  If you notice an argument about complexion is always a bunch of women sitting around arguing about how they hair won’t grow, or how these chicks is hating on them.  Every dark skin man I know realized around age 4 he was going to be dark skin.  He looked in the mirror and said, “Welp, I’m dark skinned, nothing I can do about that.  Let’s keep it pushing.”

We didn’t fight against our light skin counterparts, we walked side by side.

If I noticed anything about dark skin sisters and light skin sisters it’s that chances are they don’t get along too well.  Dark skin sisters think that, “She thinks she cute.”  And light skin sisters think that, “She’s just negative.”  Well, if you look at a duo like Jay-Z and Kanye, they walk hand and hand.  Take a look at Streetz and myself, we are like a tag team, (in the no triz sense of the word).  And we know Streetz is a staple in the light skin nation.

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We had some really good members of the dark skin nation to lead us to glory.

I cannot say enough for what people like Denzel Washington, Blair Underwood, Lance Gross and Idris Elba have done for the dark skin nation.  Denzel followed the lead of Sidney Poitier and just went with it.  It’s the ultimate give-and-go of all-time.  I’m pretty sure that the light skin nation was hoping that Jason Kidd would bring them a championship, but he started hitting on that beautiful wife of his.  But… Kevin Garnett, now that’s a man with a championship!

Here’s the point, it’s time to sunset this issue.  The dark skin nation has won.  Keep this post in your favorites to remind you how we did it.  For dark skin men, remind yourself of this every time, your girl tries to check your text messages on your phone, or when you go to shoot your first music video.  And to the sisters, listen up, at this point, the only people telling dark skin women that they are less than light skin women is dark skin women. Light skin women don’t talk about complexion.  It’s the same reason why white people never talk about white privilege, it doesn’t mean anything to them.  So what’s my advice, let yourself be great, stop worrying about all that unnecessary stuff, win the game or at least go for the draw.