I fux with this...and not cuz of the complexion.
I fux with this…and not cuz of her complexion.

I tend to think that I’m a simple man. I don’t ask for or look for too much when it comes to the appearance of women. Like most of you, I just want to date someone that I find attractive and avoid drama and tomfoolery. Granted, that’s not something you can get a feel for by just lookin’ at someone most of the time (Emphasis on most). Today, I wanted to discuss something that I notice right away and something that I always hear women critique each other about with no remorse. Today is a day that I want to discuss hair. I’m not talkin’ about a bushy bush, chest hair, or armpit furriness. I’m talkin’ about what grows on the head. Butt Cheeks and Breasts are nice, but the hair does say a lot about the woman.

My history says that I’m man that likes nice long hair. I’ve dated Latina and Asian chicks with the longest and sleekest of hairs ever encountered by man. I’ve recently developed an affinity for the short hair look on a woman, which is something that I used to frown upon. I used to see a chick with short hair and automatically assume they were on the Uber Africa or Uber Strong Black Woman tip. Or…they were Butchin’ it hard body dyke style. As I evolved, this immature and juvenile thought process changed. I no longer give that screw face (Not the good kind) when I see the short cut.

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Short hair, to me,  exudes a whole different level of confidence. It also requires a completely different type of maintenance. It gives me one less thing to tug on, and perhaps that’s for the better in the heat of the moment when I’m in beast mode. That aside, I can dig a woman that goes to the barber every week to 2 weeks to keep the edge clean. This isn’t to say that a woman who goes to the barber or beautician less than this is a hot ghetto mess. Some women just have it like that where their hair does whatever they tell it to do without much effort or thought. Effin’ uncanny!

Nowadays natural hair, whether shorter, medium length, or longer, is a winner. I’m not necessarily talkin’ about afros with a Black power fist or Rage. I’m talkin’ about women who when I see them, I can appreciate what they do with their hair without doin’ too much. Interpret that however you may. I can also say the same thing when I see a woman with nice long flowin’ and shiny hair that bounces with each step that she takes. I can also say that I think the bouncy hair thing is overrated. Regardless, I just have a much greater appreciation for the diversity of hair styles and lengths. I just can’t stress enough how much the hair can say about the person.

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Most of us are also at a point where our jobs and our quests for status dictate how we manage our appearance. I know their are law firms and other professional environments (Sales is another occupational example) where women will not get the job or be favorably looked upon if they do not keep their hair long, bouncy, and shiny. It’s a factor for discrimination whether folks are aware of it or not. I’m willing to bet that there are less sexual harassment cases out there where women with short and natural hair are filing the complaints. And lastly, it’s a factor for female competitive criticism even though that’s a beast for a different day.

So for today, I’m wondering what the women who visit this site do with their hair on the regular? What’s your look? I’m also wonderin’ what you think when you see another woman’s hair in public and how that shapes your assumptions or thoughts about the person. Should some women stay away from certain hair styles? For the men, how much emphasis do you place on a woman’s hair? Is it a big deal for you or is it whatever? Let’s discuss. Our lives depend on it!

I see dem waves girl,

slim jackson