Get it girl!

Get it girl!

The club is a harsh environment. It’s hot, it’s loud, it’s crowded … and on top of all that you’re trying to get some one night love make a lasting connection with someone.

Enter the mind of … a guy

In most cases you are bombarded with gorgeous women.  Girls who would be a 4 or maybe a solid 6 on the outside world, suddenly look like they came out of KING magazine.  The low light covers up that snaggle tooth, that dress is turning that peach shaped behind into a full fledged donkey, and that push-up is working wonders for her.  Not to mention the Goose, Yac, and Patron is giving everyone an undeserved +2 for the night.  Everywhere you go you spot a Beyonce … but you have to focus … your on a mission.

Every guys single focus in the club is to get girls! This means something different to every guy.  Some are out there looking for their next wifey, some are our looking for good conversation (no pun intended), while some are looking to get touched in the dark corner of the dance floor take someone home for some a temporary situation.

But there are many pitfalls to be avoided.  Ms. “Buy me a drink, and then I’ll walk away to talk to my friends”, Ms. “I will embarrass the sh*t out of you in front of your boys”, but there is one beast to truly be avoided … Ms. “I am here to look good and be stared at … I will waste your time”.  What is a guy to do?

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And … what is Ms. “Cute, Single, and open to any respectable and handsome guy” going to do, to make sure she is not mislabeled as one of these heifers women?

I cannot give you the 100% fool-proof way to be “Her” in the club … but I can give you one $1,000,000 tip:

Have some motherf***ing fun!

One thing I personally look for (I mean I got this down to a science) is a girl enjoying herself.  It makes her more approachable, a better investment of time, and literally makes her look better than if she was standing around a group of friends with arms folded and the “Don’t try” look on their face.  Who wants to get head in the hummer from date someone who can’t even enjoy themselves at a club?

“But SBM … I crushed a bottle of Patron, blacked out, and forgot everything I did … but was told I had a bunch of fun before I threw up on the guy who was trying to get my number, yet I didn’t get any numbers. What happened?”

Well dummy,  as with most things in life, there is a balancing act. You can’t go too crazy.  Just to make sure you, my lovely readers, don’t embarrass yourselves the same way as this chic … here is a list of ways to have fun in the club:

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The most important thing you can do is dance.  Dancing means you like the music.  You liking the music means you are having fun. Get it?


Can you have fun with the mean mug on your face?  I don’t think so.

Hit the “that’s my song” move

You know something on the radio now is “your song”.  When it comes on, throw your hands in the air, yell something, and party!  Go head … it’s your song.

Get yourself a personality

While talking doesn’t actually happen at every club, it happens at most. People with something interesting to say are fun … period!

And lastly, remember that this doesn’t just apply to the club.  Men like women who enjoy life!  If I like to have fun, then I want to be with a fun person.  If I don’t have have a lot of fun, then I need pills & weed someone who will help them have fun.

I would say that this applies to men too, but outside of the personality comment … it doesn’t.  While women don’t want a lame and boring guy who can’t enjoy life, the cool and “mysterious” (I still don’t know what the appeal of a mysterious guy is … don’t that just mean a bunch of secrets) guy has been pulling women since back in Billy Dee’s time.  He knows how to have fun … but truly not the same.

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So go forth, live a little … and watch yourself become sexier by the shot.