I think I'm feeling like 1/1000th of what he gets from women daily and I like it.

My homegirl Miss Jenkins wrote a post yesterday on Thirsty Chicks…and I ain’t talkin’ lack of H2O consumption. As I laughed heartily at her description of thirsty broads, I thought about my time here in NYC so far and the interactions I’ve had with women in the real world. When I lived in Boston for 5 years, I really didn’t get that many looks from women. Of course if I sparked up a conversation with someone, the dynamic changed but that requires effort and who wants to expend energy? I keed.

One thing that I’d like to point out is that I got more stank face (not to be confused with head from women with bad breath) from chicks in Boston. There was a point in time where I said I would never move to NYC and if I did, I’d run into a brick wall with women. I figured I’d have to practice my sales pitch with a stop watch to get it down to 15 seconds so that I could get her number before she got on that bus or train. Honestly, it’s been quite the opposite. Of course every city has it’s fair share of women from Stanky McLameville. I’ve experienced that, but I’ve also had a chance to experience the aggression with some thirst sprinkled in the mix.

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As I’ve mentioned a few times before, I’m far from a Type A personality. I don’t need to be the center of attention at the party. I don’t post up hard-body (I just like that term) and holler aggressively at the many things that walk by. I don’t need to insert assert my manliness every time a chick comes around. I relax. I chill. I chat. I laugh. And many times while I’ve been doing all of this, I’ve been looked over by plenty of women and I’ve been fine with it. I expect that when I go out with my boys that they’ll do all the work and I’ll be left with the residual scraps or the decent looking stragglers that can’t talk to any of the other fellas because her girls are already in a dark room with them. The straggler realizes that I’m actually cool, funny, and a bunch of other pleasant things and suddenly we’re off to the races. Hey, ain’t nothing wrong with being Chris Bosh or Udonis Haslem when you got Lebron and Dwayne Wade on your team. All the wolves will eventually eat.

That was primarily before. This is now. I don’t know what happened, but suddenly I’m getting more attention from women than I’ve ever gotten in my life. I haven’t really changed anything about myself. I’m just as Type B as I was before and I’ve compared pictures and concluded that I’ve looked the same for the past 5-7 years. But now when I go out to lounges, bars, bbqs, or even into the subway station, I get looks and I get approached aggressively regularly. I mean they walk up to me, say I’m good looking, and quickly go for the number. One girl seriously walked into a pillar trying to catch me before I got on a train. It was the perfect opportunity to call her out, but nice guys don’t do that. And whatever is happening for me in NYC is proof that nice guys can win consistently with ease.

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This also brings up another issue. If I’m starting to see how easy this game can be just by showing up places, then I know the season veterans have no desire to commit and there really isn’t a motivation for it. Attention is nice. Buns are nice too. Throw quality company into the mix. Why not have all 3 for free without the hassle of commitment? Damn, it all makes sense now. This is dangerous. I just realized I’m a catch. It’s a good thing I’m not reckless with the D-slanging. Though a stank face can most certainly get slapped by it.

So for today, I’m wondering if anybody else has experienced the phenomenon where one day they just wake up and suddenly they’re getting crazy amounts of attention? Where are the other cities where women/men get a bad rap, but they actually turn out to be cool? What things might be responsible for this sudden shift? Is it age? Is light-skinned really winning? For the women, which is most of you, are you still chasing the Type A alpha (Not in the greek way at all) males or are you showing love to the Type B laid back brothers out there? Other thoughts? Share ’em.

It’s Nice to Feel S*xy in a New City,

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