Now You see why I leave committed women alone!

For a long time now, I’ve been the victim of assumption. I’ve noticed a trend that over the past few years, men have conveyed to female friends of mine, whom I’ve only have platonic relations, that they don’t really want/trust them around me. I’ve heard everything from “you can’t write on my facebook wall anymore” to “he asked why I’m always talking to you on gchat” to “we can’t cuddle anymore he doesn’t like that too much”.  OK the last one was comedy but you get the point. What I’m trying to figure out is the signals that I project that proclaim “Streetz is a nefarious, women besmirching, scoundrel!” As I examine this phenomenon,  I inferred the following:

She told him that she found me attractive

To me, this is one of the most obvious reasons why dudes will play prevent defense on their shorties vs me. The minute that they are aware of her attraction, whether innocent or she’s ready to to film a StreetzTalk porno genuine, these guys will feel threatened and won’t trust their GF around me. Especially if people agree or make comments in his presence about said “schemin ass reggin” I always wonder why women would volunteer certain information to their significant others. Maybe they think it’s harmless? Maybe they want to make son jealous? Maybe they just don’t see my next point…

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He’s insecure

I wrote a post about this last year, but yeah your man may be insecure for a number of reasons. You could be the social butterfly who’s cool with a lot of men. You could have prior situations where men went hard to bag you, knowing you have a boyfriend and told him every single time. He could even be shook because he knows what he’s capable of and fears the boomerang known as karma. Or it could be that…

She’s done shady sh* in the past

Did you slip and fall on a poor unsuspecting gentleman’s pipework and have relations against your will? I know, it happens to women all the time. Swindles aside, as much as people claim to forgive and forget a lover’s transgressions, it will always be in the back of some one’s mind.  So if they see your shifty eye start to twitch when men are around, then their Spider Sense might alert them to impending thronx sessions that they won’t be a part of of impending doom.

I “Look Like” the type of dude to take a GF from a dude

I still don’t know what this description entails.  One person said it was because I’m clean cut. Another said it was because I was lighter skinned. I let a heavy sigh out, with disbelief. Can a dude live life without being typecast as a woman stealing harlot? This is discrimination. Racial profiling. Insubordination!!! *Red Dead Redemption John Marsden voice*

In closing, let me offer up a few parting shots points:

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– If someone takes your girlfriend, was she yours to begin with?

– I’ve shown restraint and respect relationships almost to the point of stupidity. Its part morality, part conscious, part fear of karma, part fear of reggins showing up at my door and having to scream at the  top of my lungs “I don’t know no Kyana!!!!”

– No more Drama. MJB. I don’t need it, I don’t want it. Sometimes, ish just is not that serious.

– I’m tied of explaining myself and having to change up interactions because the next man is scurred. It’s just frustrating and usually,  I just keep it moving. Just sucks to be accused when someone is probably scheming on you in the shadows!

– I would never sweat something like this because I cant control it. If people are going to cheat, they will cheat. You can’t physically prevent it. Just gotta hope that you find out and depending on the severity, work on it or move on to the next one. Que sera sera!!

I’m not as mad as I am amused. I just want to know does this happen to you? Men are women just as bad in the reverse case scenario? Should I just say eff it and start home wrecking if shorty can take me out and pay a bill or two?

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