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Shequanita Robins: Baby, I have something to tell you.
Jamilerian Jenkins: Sure, anything. By the way, I got a sample of that new Fire & Ice condoms.
SR: Well … that actually is a great segway into what I need to talk to you about.
JJ: So you finally started to reconsider that threesome I mentioned?
SR: Uhhhh … no.
JJ: You’re ready to let me get into that new hole I’ve been hinting at?
SR: Uhhhh … no.
JJ: I got it … you want me to help you with that gag reflex and get you swallowing!
SR: Yeah … not reall.
JJ: Ok … I know for sure. You want me to call that midget across the hall and …
SR: Shut up for a minute … damn. I thought I had the thing to say.
JJ: My bad.
SR: I want to be celibate!
JJ: Selling butt?
SR: STFU. I’ve been thinking about it and I want to stop having sex.
JJ: Baby … I applaud you for that.  And it’s obvious you need a better man than me. I’ll put your number in the church circular. Deuces **Walks out the door**

Was JJ too hard on his girlfriend?  Was he being mean? Or was he justified?

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There seems to be a healthy contingency of women who are deciding to give up sex.  While often times the result of a religious awakening, a lot of women are just starting to realize that all this free cooch out here has pushed the average price of p*ssy lower than a bootleg copy of “The Brother’s” on DVD.  Some women are just realizing that sex is an intimate thing and <insert some sentimental nonsense about body=temple>.

But what about the guy?

If you meet a girl and she tells you she is practicing celibacy, then you, as a man, have the choice to pursue or not.  While many wouldn’t, I have found some true gems in that virgin (or “born again” virgin, which are the ones who have loose “lips” capable of swallowing an entire coke bottle without flinching … the two liter), so they aren’t to be discounted. You know what you’re getting into and you know what to expect.

But what about if you have already been deploying deep dive dickings?  What if you have already been giving backshots to oblivion? What about if her reverse cowgirl was so on point that it made you cry and re-contemplate the plight of the human existance (that golden cooch will have you all f**** up!)?  What do you say when she wants to take that away?

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For once in my life, I won’t give my opinion.   For the second time in my life, I don’t want to embed my personal choice on the masses … I know … odd.

This is a really really really tough decision for a guy.  The prevailing wisdom is that you can’t go backwards sexually.  If you’re used to smashing down you girl … then how could it stop?  I mean … people get divorces over this stuff.

But on the other hand … you love her … right?  Obviously this is important to her and she thinks it is the right decision. Shouldn’t you support her?

What do you think?  Should JJ run?  Should he stick through the barren season knowing that his love will quench his thirst or at least that girl across the hall who keeps licking her lips at him and saying “I don’t mind being a sidepiece”?

– SBM aka “You want to stop doing that?” aka If God told you to do it, who am I to argue?