In less than 24 hours, I will touch on a milestone in my life. On this special birthday, like many others, I tend to reflect on my years on this Earth, where I’ve come from and where I’m going. The wins. The losses. The evolution of me. So much reflection in fact, that I realized that I have matured without even noticing (wait if i noticed that I didn’t notice, does that negate the previous statement? Dah well…) in other words, certain aspects of my life remind me that I’ve ascended to a different plane of maturity. Such as…

The Circle of Life. Simba
It’s one thing to grow up and see people you know murdered, die of natural causes, or freak accidents. I just feel at my age that the frequency has increased twofold. I lost 2 homies this year to violence, lost my dad and my spec (Greek term for special bro/sis in an org with whom you share a close bond) in 07, and it just seems like death is much realer at this age.  

Is it me, or is EVERYONE HAVING KIDS too?!! I feel like pregnancy is spreading quicker than Ebola and Bubonic plague combined! I must be getting old or people are just stroking like its 1969. A lot of people I know are getting married too. Good for them o_0 (jokes). It just shows the ebb and flow of life and I watch it with both joy and pain.  

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I miss my childhood, where my credit was immaculate, my money was my own, and bills were something that made mom and dad say bad words. I even miss college when only superficial items like cell phone and food and books etc were my only concern. Now, between student loans, car insurance, transportation, and other amenities, my paycheck basically pops in, gives me the Bruhman head nod, and peaces out until next cycle. I need to hit the lotto or get signed to young Money because this shyt retarded!  

I know how to act in public settings, or better yet there’s bigger consequences for me acting the ass and without decorum. Going out to eat with a group, I know that I may have to put in a little extra and won’t complain. I understand the concept of work mingling and networking. Certain parts of your etiquette have to step up when you become a real adult, or you can still act an ass and get side eyes.  

Grown travelling plans
Going from Queens to Brooklyn used to be the hood roadtrip. Now as I’m older I can hop on a plane to the West Coast, Caribbean, or Europe, at the drop of a dime (when I put in for vacation at the job and stack $$ of course). I appreciate vacation, where in my early youth vacation was a normal part of life. Work sucks, BTW.  

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Generation Gap
Once dudes started the skinny jeans movement and gettin light, I realized that the line in the sand was drawn between my era and the new generation. They have their new rap and movie star idols. Ready to Die dropped over 15 years ago. Kanye’s been in the game almost a decade. We have a Black president. Technology has advanced something serious. It’s wild! I’m a  Generation X baby I believe, I don’t even know this generations’ designation. I do know that I’m living off experience now, and the sins of my yesterday will help me to avoid the pitfalls of tomorrow. That’s a valuable asset to have as you grow and mature.  

Some people get older and hate it. I look at it as an accomplishment. This world is crazy and you survived to see another year on this planet. You have experience and wisdom. You have lived and continue to live (hopefully to the fullest). I’d rather age like the finest wine and not those  Mickey Dees burgers! So I say bring on another year and let’s see whats up!  

What ways have you realized that you’re growing up? What do you miss from your childhood?  

I could be on 90210 and play a senior at West Bev,