I’ve been blogging/internet writing for about 6-7 years. When you share your thoughts with the public, you subject yourself to both praise or scrutiny. You honestly need a thick skin to do what we do. Most of the good bloggers that I know have no issue with adverse opinions and challenges to your main idea. After all, how can healthy dialogue be achieved if everyone cosigns your blog? However, as the old saying goes: Opinions are like @ssholes. Everybody’s got one. Unfortunately, both on these blogs and in real life, I encounter too many sphincter-esque individuals that piss me off. I know y’all will feel me on your dislike for individuals like the following:

People who argue for arguments sake

These are the people who have a different opinion, just for kicks. If everyone is in agreement over a topic, they will argue the opposite because they don’t like all the praise a comment or topic receive. They will treat blogs and life like moot court, arguing to see if they can win an argument. I’ve dated women like this and needless to say those relationships were short lived.

Chair Throwers

I read a lot of comments that attack or criticize bloggers. If it’s constructive, I really don’t care. Some people however, will use certain language or phrases…just say crazy sh*t to turn the conversation left. For example: Have you ever conversed with someone and they just drop a random insult, because they can’t articulate their points well enough? They have to revert to neolithic methods of communication to be relevant. I saw this most recently on Slim’s two part post on raising a gay/bi/transgender child. One commenter, Gigi I think her name is (#ebonics), referred to Slim as a Bigot. Slim. Jackson. I stand by my claim that if Slim is a bigot, then I perm my hair (shut up Andressa, Max, and anyone else) He clearly stated that these were his thoughts, as he was working them out throughout the blog and he’s a bigot? Seriously, do some of you read these blogs or do you skim through it? To disagree with someone is normal. To insult for the sake of effect is cowardice. Period.

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Name Dropping to make invalid points/Opinion without fact

You ever been in a conversation with someone, and they mention a random known person, place, or thing, in order to validate a point? HATE that. Especially saw this last week when a blogger called out our blog by name when saying that theNew Black Blogosphere was lame and annoying.  She had some great points about the staleness of blogging in general, but I felt that her lumping certain blogs in there was unwarranted. You can check the post to see our comments, but let me say this: Anything I criticize or dislike I know about. I don’t blindly hate, with the exception of Paul Pierce and Duke so it pisses me off when others do the same, or lump me into a category due to circumstance. In the same breath, you know how I feel about criticism without ownership, subliminal disses, or more commercially known as “@ em or Dap em”.  If you are brash enough to comment, roast, diss, insult, or criticize individuals, do it to their faces. P.S. – blogging opens you up to scrutiny, even when you scrutinize others, so don’t be surprised when you critique a blogger and they hear about it. They gon finnnnnnnnd you – Antoine Dodson

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Mad for no reason

I don’t know how people can be mad all the time. Angry when they wake up, angry when they go to sleep. They will complain and b*tch and moan about any and everything with any forum they have at their disposal. These people include: The ugly friend you ladies KNOW you have that hates on you and your team when dudes try to holla, the dude who you would never bring around people because they’re a buzzkill to any festive occasion, and women on their period….I’m just jokin y’all don’t roast me…please? In blogging, ThEy USALLy TypE LIKE thIS to GT our ATTENTION and MISPEL WoRDS in the PRoCEsss………. They do provide comedy relief on the internet though, even if they type like a 14 yr old teenage girl with a sidekick.

Holier than thou individuals

For years I’ve cursed out and complained about the Church of Twitter and Blogger Day Saints. The people who all of a sudden use blogs and comments to define the moral character of others. These are the type of people to diss people as whores, deadbeats, etc, when I just want to scream “I know you/know people who know you in real life!! You’re throwing STONES now!!” This happens a lot in college at programs on campus and round table discussions in the cafeteria. It just tickles my soul to see people act on that “do as I say, not as I do mentality”, without acknowledging their own transgressions, or better yet, acting like they are above it all. Too bad that this is a prevalent fact in real life and in blog commentary.

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In closing, bloggers appreciate the support and commentary. However, once you cross a line of respect, don’t be surprised if you get met with equal or greater amounts of venom. I told people repeatedly that I was ethering commenters before I was on this site, and I will continue to do so when its appropriate. Negative people bring out the worst of us, but it’s also a double edged sword because controversy sells, drives traffic, and comments.

I’ve always disliked argumentative, judgemental, and subliminal individuals who make random and brash comments or try to [insert adjective other than hate] on me or my friends/fellow writers. Some bloggers may not address it, but I will, because I have pride. I’m unaffected by e-words, but I won’t let anyone throw shade on this blog, Streetztalk, or on their own at me or the staff. Say what you will but be ready for a rebuttal!

Bloggers – how do you handle adverse commentary like the example above? Do you actually crave this type of negativity? why or why not?

Readers – What do you feel are the boundaries, if any, for online commentary?

In general – How do you handle negativity? What’s one way someone has pissed you off? Does Wayne Brady have to…choke a bish?!

No country for Internet Thuggin’

The views expressed in this blog post are solely those of Carlito “Streetz” Calles, and are not necessarily those of singleblackmale.org, the writers, or affiliates.