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As I escaped work for the holiday season here in the states, I turned on my mobile music device and started randomly picking songs to play. No, not setting the playlist on “random”, I mean I manually would scroll while other songs are playing based how I felt, and my eagerness to hear certain artists. I reflected for a moment and realized that I have a lot of songs I’ve listened to for different inspiration and in certain moods.  My homie Reecie rocks out in this lane, so I have to respectfully bow to her of course! I figured before we all prepare to inhale turkey and other good foods, let’s go over some mood music.

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A song to get me out of bed and start my day:


This was my computers wake up alarm in college for a semester. I got sick out it after a while but then like hypnosis, if I played it while feeling sleepy I would instantly wake up. Full of energy and Lupe killed it!

The song when I need to articulate a thought:


I call this “Mission statement Music”. This was like the Aim and Goals of all Queens Representatives in 96!  It’s a lyrical, to the point, and clear of what a dude is about and his aspirations. It Was Written was a VERY DOPE album and underrated solely because of a creative change and it had to followup Illmatic, just like everything else in Nasir’s catalogue.

The song that helped me refocus after a breakup:


2005 was a GREAT year! Don’t judge me. I copped my V, and hit the road. The World was not enough. Shout to Strong Island Alphas! Couldn’t tell me nothing. I’m going to write a post about that one day. Man listen….

The song that releases my inner P.I.M.P.


My favorite rapper fo all time. One of my favorite rap songs ever. If Biggie is baggin chicks, I gotta win too, LOL! This man had G!

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The confidence builder


Aint no one better at making you think and feel like you the sh* like Hov. I especially needed this when mad people were talking behind my back and I found out. I was tight at first, but then I listened to this, and realized that the shyt was superficial. Verse 2: internalize that when you have “critics” getting @ you.

The Get Hype Track


This thing right here….. Let me tell you!! I’m ready to lift 50000000lbs in the gym, box for 40 rounds, and play a 7 game NBA finals series in one day! I stanned for double R back in the day, and this posse cut is IT when you need to get hyped!

My West Coast Shyt


This song was it! East/West beef aside, Doggystyle and this song brings me back to a golden era. Probably one of the reasons I love Cali and feel at home their for real!

I could go on and on, but I want you to share in the fun. What songs get your through the day? Which ones are the goto for certain situations? Who’s cookin on Thursday and gonna hold me a plate! I be hongry…. n sh*

Gobble Gobble B*tches!