What am I doing today …

  • Loading my bike on the back of a pickup.
  • Picking up two (maybe 3) of my good friends.
  • Driving 7 hours south to Myrtle Beach.
  • Breathing in the ignorance.

Black Bike Week is just this huge celebration of ignorance. You have people not wearing any type of protective equipment (this is the one thing I don’t condone), girls barely wearing clothes, women jumping on the back of bikes with people they don’t know, insane amounts of one night stands, 24″ rims on old ass caprices with skittle colored paint, and girls who are willing to let you smack whatever for no reason. I mean … I almost feel bad just for wanting to go.

Really though … I love bike week. Its only my second time … but damn … last time … man … couldn’t even show people the pictures … it was nuts. But this year I plan to be “good” … I think I can do it … pray for me …

Everyone have a great Memorial Day Weekend. And if your in town for Bike Week … shoot me an email.