Tryna lose 10 pounds, preparin for summer...

Fitness is one of my passions in life. I’ve been working out seriously since 2008, and have made excellent strides. I am not yet where I want to be, but I remain health conscious, I’ve improved my health 700%,  and I’ve remained active. I’m far from a fitness guru, but people will ask for advice and opinions on different areas of fitness. I even write about my fitness journey and provide articles over at my personal blog Streetztalk (and Yes Queen T it’s me writing about this, lol). I notice that a lot of women may have some aversion to working out, and even if they want to get in shape, they offer up a plethora of excuses and a defeatist attitude. I try to combat those excuses, and help them to see that it only takes effort and desire to change your body. Here are 3 common fitness excuses that women have used against going to the gym:

I don’t want to look like a bodybuilder
This is the most comical excuse. Whenever I suggest that women should lift weights along with cardio, I get a side-eye. They say that it’s either too hard, or they don’t want to be bulky and brolic. Ladies, the diesel women that you see in the magazines… it took them YEARS to get there (and often times a lot of steroids). Weight lifting burns 3 times the calories and fat that running or any other forms of cardio burn. You need to lift weights to tone, strengthen your muscles, build lean body mass to help burn fat, and to tighten up those trouble areas. Its the ultimate ends to a mean to service your fitness goals. You don’t have to lift super heavy, just enough to feel a burn, and gradually increase as you feel comfortable. Be ahead of the game and reach those goals faster!

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I look good how I am now, fcuk it!
This is cool, but then why do you complain about the way your dresses fit? Why are you upset that you got a “pooch”? Why suggest that you desire to change your body, then use “self esteem” as a crutch? Of course if this doesn’t apply to you then so be it, but for those that notice they do it, or their girlfriends do it, you can’t have it both ways ladies. By no means am I trying to project my own “wishes and influence” on you to do things to your body that you don’t want to do, I just want to point out the fallacy in believing you look good, yet pointing out your flaws. It shows that you are only content in word, not thought. It isn’t easy, but a little hard work and dedication is all it takes to see a change!

I don’t want to mess up my hair!
I feel you on this point. If the movie “Good Hair” or watching my sisters and mother’s plight over the years has taught me anything, its that women, especially black woman, struggle with haircare and hair management. I know that you don’t want to sweat out that new perm or hairdo after paying beau coup bucks for it, but ask yourself if the body that you desire isn’t worth a little sweat?

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Your personal health and body composition shouldn’t have to be sacrificed for a hairstyle. I know there are ways around this issue. Unless you are famous/rich, I don’t think you get your hair done daily. Manage it during the week so you can get that workout. Make sure to get a workout in before you get your hair done for whatever reason or event is upcoming. I could be wrong, but I think having braids in your hair makes it easier to go to the gym and not worry about ruining your hair. Natural hair women shouldn’t have this issue either. A majority of you look fine already without the elaborate hairstyles, so make it work so you can achieve your fitness goals. Let me also say that working out isn’t an excuse to do something radical with your hair!

We all make excuses when things seem too difficult. It’s how we respond and overcome those excuses that define our success. I love helping people get focused about health and fitness and remind them that we are all human and make mistakes, but fitness is something that we can control 100% and change our bodies for the better. I hope the sisters will see some of these excuses and either laugh or cosign, and make that decision to get to the gym. Fellas, you ain’t exempt either! It’s officially summer now, which is actually a perfect time to work out, as you have many more options with the warm weather. Trust when I say, I need that motivation as much as ANYONE!

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Ladies, what are some of the excuses you or your friends have used against working out? Do you think these excuses are valid in any way? How do you overcome the doubt to get motivated to get to the gym?