Deion Sanders and Tracey Edmonds have confirmed their relationship. It first came across my timeline in the form of an article posted on Necole Bitchie. Shortly thereafter, gossip sites and Twitter had a field day with the news. From my personal observation it seems as though everyone would rather Tracey Edmonds remain single for the rest of her life. Moreover, that because we can name three famous Black men that she’s dated, that her lady lumps have now expired. Um… that’s complete bullsh*t and it’s totally unfair.

I always like to point out that many are quick to judge someone just because it seems they’ve been around the block a few times. The same people who are judging Tracey probably have slept with the same or more men than Tracey. This makes it blaringly obvious that it really doesn’t matter how many people you sleep with, but it’s who you sleep with. The same can be said for celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Amber Rose; since we know a few names of the people they’ve dated/slept with that automatically brands them with the dreaded, “Oh she a hoe” label.

We’re never going to overcome with that mentality. First of all, we need to learn not to be concerned with what’s going on in someone else’s bedroom. Second, women have been fighting for the liberation of their sexual activities for years. However, as soon as a woman gets anywhere close to it, she’s chastised! Last, I believe Kid Cudi addressed this a while back with the following:

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– Dr. J