This is good

This is good.

We have blazed (literally) into June and not a moment too soon, I have seen some things I’m not too happy about. Ladies and gentlemen, the summer is upon us. To men all around  the country, it’s a time we look forward to. The summer brings along with it many fun things to do. Not to be forgotten though is women’s fashion. The summer time is unequivocally the peak time men love a woman’s fashion. This of course is for a myriad of reasons. The primary reason for this is quite simple though; less clothes. We can call this whatever we like but I run an honest establishment here. The truth is simply that men love skin. Furthermore, we enjoy women wearing outfits that are flattering to them. So this brings me to a little list I have compiled. This list is all about the things men would rather not see this summer season. I hope I am preaching to the choir, but in case I’m not… let’s get to it.

1. Bad Hygiene – I was walking through the village over the weekend and smelled some horrible young ladies while passing. Be clear, it’s hotter; we’re going to perspire more. Make sure you remember to roll on that “secret” under your arms before you head out…. It’s imperative.

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2. Lack of Pedicures– Much of the excitement of the summer is the aura of freedom you feel. Everyone is wearing less. No Jackets and coats needed. This even goes far as people wanting to show off their feet. And while I agree men should handle their feet as well… this article isn’t about them. Ladies I need you all to moisturize your feet and keep your toe nails looking neat. I can’t imagine a guy who would want your feet any other way.

3. The Struggle Leggings – The season of comfort is the summer time. We like to throw on whatever feels comfortable then make moves. Leggings can be a woman’s and a man’s best friend; for different reasons obviously. Men love leggings. I’ll tell you even that we men love the new trend of assorted prints on leggings. I think you ladies should embrace the movement. What men do not want to see is a very big woman who wears leggings in a way that you can see an unflattering butt. For that matter, men simply do not want to see an unflattering butt in leggings period. If you know that you’re not blessed with a “likkle” wagon its okay. Rock your leggings, just accentuate the positives. Cover your caboose and show us those pearly whites.

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4. Heavy Makeup – This one is pretty self-explanatory. It’s very hot and I anticipate a very scorching summer. The last thing we men want to see is a woman who is sporting heavy makeup but sweating profusely. It’s not a good look to say the least. In the summer time I think less is just more.

Ladies, anything you don’t want to see from men this summer? Fellas, anything you’d add to my list? These are just 4 points, all in fun (but still serious). Let’s speak on this and let’s do this summer right. Y’all make sure to drink responsibly. 

These are my words and I make no apologies.

DamnPops is a guest writer on the staff at SBM. His bio: “I’m not a biter, I’m a writer for myself and others. ” Brooklyn born dude trying to figure out this life just like you. Come on this journey with me. Follow me on Twitter @DamnPOPS “Damn He Got A Point” (My Column)