Most of us have at least one cringe-worthy skeleton in our closet. But have you ever had an ex who makes you congratulate yourself for your excellent standards? You know, the “she was hella fine, had money, and I used to BEAT THE BREAKS OFF that ting” type of ex? I have, because I started picking my women based off the type of ex she will look like, rather than the fun she looks like in the moment. And from this day forward, I challenge you to draft for your franchise, not the upcoming season. By doing so, you will actually attract increasingly better talent as time goes on.

At some point during every courtship, you two are going to broach the subject of exes. This is inevitable, because both of you want to know what the other one likes, and there is no better indicator than looking at the types that have come before you. This can actually work in your favor if your past women are high quality. A strong ex can make you look like royalty; and you can’t attract a true queen messing with peasants. Before she decides to upgrade you, she wants to know whether you wife tramps or pursue Empresses.

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When I talk about my exes, I find myself speaking so highly of them that I get asked, “so why yall break up?” They were all amazing women, physically stunning, intellectually inclined and professionally accomplished. It’s hard to explain that I care more about the vibe than how we look as a couple. Nowadays, everyone is so visual and superficial that it sounds almost cheesy to suggest that our partnership was more important than how photogenic we were. I can find any girl to swallow and throw it back; I’m looking for one who will shepherd me through life with as many smiles as possible, and so should you.

If a woman had to view a slideshow of all your exes, complete with Street-Fighter type attributes ranking intellectual and professional prowess, is she going to be repulsed or impressed? You want each new mate to one-up the last one, just like a job. Because that’s exactly what exes are: a resume of your romantic/sexual history. Your prospective employer is going to evaluate your skills based upon the caliber of mate you’ve “worked” previously. This isn’t some distended metaphor. This is really how we determine value in the 2KTeens. It’s not a perfect indicator, but it is an accurate gauge.

At the end of the day, you must start being more concerned with your legacy, not a fleeting desire. As time passes each man has his moment on earth. The one thing that has never changed is this: the type of woman that you choose can be your crown or your downfall in life. Your mate is your mirror, and you cannot be a Boss and be involved with ratchet-@$$ women. So be smart, and pick’em as if you’re already looking back on her, not her looking back at it.

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Do you judge your partner based on who they dated in their past? Do you past relationships influence the type of person you date in the future or is every relationship a “fresh start”?