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On this week’s Side Episode of Two Guys One Show, WIM prepares for the move and discusses some (painful) lessons learned that you should consider before, or after, traveling across the country for work and play. On the topic of work-life-balance, Rich and WIM discuss the pros and cons of moving for work, opportunities, or money. In Feedback and Follow-up TGOS answers:

01) For future reference, if someone wants his or her question read on a particular show, what is the deadline for having that question sent to you?

02) I assume you have heard about Raven-Symoné’s comments regarding the hireability of certain people with names that sound a certain way. In your experience, does this happen and how much does it happen?

03) I know you have talked about this before, but given the time of the year, could you repeat your comments on benefits and how to decide what is best for someone? (Be sure to also check out episode 081 for more info on Hidden Health Savings: FSAs vs HSAs)

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The TGOS Guide to Setting Up an Effective Mentorship is done! We give you some things to think about before reaching out to a potential mentor, an email template (don’t just copy and paste), and some key questions to answer including a fillable PDF. This guide is FREE, but we’re only making it available to our email list and those that have donated to the show. If you already fall into one of those groups, you should have received it. If not, you can sign up at twoguysoneshow.com/email

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