Today I Nancy Kerrigan on thin ice with the stance I’ll take. You can always depend on Buzzfeed to bring you nuanced entertainment and information. I happen to enjoy most of their content. I particularly love their clips where they create these crazy recipes. Anyone who knows me  knows how sacred I find a knife and fork to be. But today is a bit different. You see, a few days ago I came across the below video. It sort of comes across as a safe sex PSA. The only difference in this video is that the speaker is highlighting the mental anguish an unhealthy relationship can cause. She takes the position that no one really prepares you for that. In truth, I find the delivery in this video and the subject matter to be pretty powerful. But for who?

Give this video a look, we’ll get down to brass tacks thereafter.

Deep would you say?

Well I would. Here’s my thing though, I don’t think I was as touched as I should’ve been. For one, I’ve never been that dreadful to someone. But also, I think this woman’s story, or at least the one she’s illustrating would resonate with women so much more. The issue here is that it would be counterproductive for it to only resonate with women so heavily. A video like this resonating mainly with women won’t really affect change.

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I understand the attempt of awareness being brought with this video.

I can’t help but think if a man delivered this message, males might be more receptive to it. I’ll be honest with you today as I always am.  This video is an all too common narrative for so many women. Although that does not make it right, I do feel men are numb to such stories.

We won’t get into any discussions passing the buck about who should be careful getting into relationships. I will say that many men who watched this probably left with the feeling of “damn, that sucks.” But ultimately he may have just thought, “but shit happens though.” Extremely insensitive; I know.

This video will be shared by many women, as I’m sure it already has. This video illustrates the feelings of many women as it should. But this video was made to bring awareness to the fellas. It was made to strike us in a way that would have men think twice about doing a woman dirty.

I saw this video as a really good piece of spoken word.

At the same token, for the men it was meant for, I just feel like they would shrug their shoulders at it. I feel this way because being stung in relationships is universal. Men hurt and women hurt. This doesn’t give us the license to be horrible to one another, but it’s a given that there will be bad apples out there. It’s a harsh reality. I’m sorry the woman in the video had the experience that she did. But it does get better.

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At the end of the day I don’t think this PSA sways the pendulum any which way. It would behoove all of us to just be a bit more vigilant about who we let in. What do you guys think of the video? Am I being too insensitive? Do you agree? Let’s get into it!

These are my words and I make no apologies.

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