How difficult can it be to come up with an interesting gift for a loved one? Unlike women, men are easier to please as far as gift giving is concerned. They’re not picky and they usually value things they can actually use. The best gifts for a guy are practical but of fine quality. It’s really important to have these aspects in mind before buying something for a boyfriend or husband. Guide yourself after their profession, hobbies and additional interests. These should help you make a sound decision. Here are some excellent gift ideas for guys this 2015.

Customized cufflinks

Is your loved one an elegant person? Does he wear suits daily? Because if that’s the case, you should consider a pair of customized cufflinks for him; these accessories are sleek, practical and fashionable. The 2015 man cares for his general appearance. He wants to look dashing everywhere he goes, so he will certainly appreciate the gesture. To make the gift idea truly unique, you can have his initials engraved on the cufflinks. Furthermore, make sure that the material is top-quality. If you can’t afford white gold or platinum, silver works just as well.


Zippo lighter

Zippo lighters are cool and trendy. Your loved will certainly appreciate one if he’s an avid smoker. In terms of design, the market is packed with all sorts of models, starting from the simplest to the most complex. Opt for a lighter that matches his personality. For example, if he loves rock music you could select a lighter with a guitar design or band logo imprinted; or if he’s a passionate poker player, a Zippo lighter with an Ace design will definitely appeal to his senses.

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Carbon fiber photo frame

Unlike ordinary photo frames made of sensitive materials, those manufactured from carbon fiber are a lot more durable. They have an interesting design, too. Plated with silver, this item will go perfectly on the modern desk of a CEO husband or realtor. Insert a beautiful photo with the two of you on your honeymoon, and give the carbon fiber photo frame a personal touch. There are many sizes and shapes you can opt for, although you might want to stay away from complicated patterns and designs. Men like simple things, especially if we’re talking about décor items that go on a business desk.

Leather wallet

You can’t go wrong with a leather wallet, and many men would say that this is the perfect type of gift. However, it is important to invest in a good-quality item for a loved one. There are many types of leather available; stay away from those wallets that are coated in resin because they feel too artificial and fake. Instead, you should opt for a full-grain leather wallet. Because the leather is in raw form, the item in questioning looks more masculine, rugged and it will also last longer.


Key ring

A key ring is another great gift idea for a man. There are many interesting models you can choose from, as well as a wealth of material types. Silver and sterling silver are excellent choice because they’re durable and long-lasting. As for the actual accessory for the ring, pick something that your loved can relate to, such as miniature football or a USB pendant. If you want your present to be more special, you can have a meaningful message engraved on the key ring’s pendant.

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Silver-plated technical ballpoint pen

A pen is an indispensable item from the kit of a business person. If your loved one is a CEO or has an executive position, you might want to invest in a top-quality pen. This has to be made of top-tier materials, such as platinum, gold or silver if your budget is limited. A beautiful design is equally important. The simpler the better, although to give it a personal allure, you can have your husband’s initials engraved on the pen.

Poker set

As opposite to women, men are practical creatures. They appreciate gifts that they can actually use. That being said, if you have a boyfriend or husband who loves poker, how about buying him a poker set? This will encourage him to gather with friends more often to have a good time, and not just work like a maniac 7 days a week. Poker sets are available in numerous sizes and shape. Settle on a budget and make this investment; your loved one will certainly appreciate the gesture.

Leather hip flask

Flasks are in trend this year. They’re cool, hip and quite appealing. Available in all sorts of shapes and sizes, opt for a model with leather insertions and have it embossed with his name on it. Gentlemen will certainly appreciate a well-made flask, so it’s safe to assume that your husband’s friends will envy him for having such as a considerate wife. Don’t forget to fill it up with some good quality scotch. This will make your loved one’s after-hours work days much more pleasant and easy to bear.

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Carbon fiber post-it holder

This type of gift is ideally suited for business men who spend long hours at a desk. It’s tough to keep things organized when you’re trying to complete more than one task at the time. A carbon fiber post-it holder might just be the accessory your husband needs to stay organized. Extremely resistant and featuring the most interesting design, each time a post-it is needed, he will think of you.

There are so many gift ideas for men available on the market today. Some of them are quite ingenious, others are practical and stylish. Is your husband an executive or realtor who spends too many hours at work? Then the best gifts should be made to be put to good use. Corporate gifts have practical purposes, even though some are also meant to spice a recipient’s sense of style. Cufflinks, silver pens, and tie clips are accessories worn by men who are detailed-oriented and fashionable. On the other hand we have lighters, wallets and notebooks, which are indispensable work accessories. Whatever you choose to buy for your man, just make sure to invest in something qualitative, functional and practical.


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