I’ve never been afraid of dropping hints about the type of women I like. A few times I’ve made mention of my love for women older than me. One of my commenter’s, Tiffany, asked me to elaborate on this … so here is my investigation. Young women need not apply!

Before I start, I should clarify “older woman”. For this argument, lets look at 29 and older. This actually cuts out a few years that are older than me, but it will be easier to make my point with this range. Personally, I haven’t really dated anyone under 25 in awhile, but usually I am in the upper 20’s, but went all the way to the upper 30’s once. And I dealt with plenty of young 20 somethings in college … so I’ve run the range. I don’t want people to think I’m some young guy in his mid 20’s looking for 50+ women to take care of me.

Lets examine a couple of the major age groups, until we finally work our way up to those beautiful older women.

18-23 Women
Often in college or recently out of high school. She doesn’t know what she wants in life often and is still discovering herself. Sometimes she is lively, fully of energy, and looking to explore and see new things. She can be so much fun.
But … she is often immature and childish. Because she is discovering herself, he sense of self may be lacking. She doesn’t know what she wants, you can never read her, and she loves to play games. She loves to play games. She consults her “girlfriends” on everything, she is self consumed, and puts little value in the qualities that make a “good man”. She often wants someone to spoil her without her having to give anything in the relationship. Poor and misguided.
Here you will find women who love the asshole, the thug, and the wannabe gangster. Earning potential, manners, and acts of romance aren’t important … she is at her most superficial.

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24 – 28
She has now realized what it actually takes to make a Good Man. She has some sense now … the superficialness of her younger years is starting to melt away, she wants a good boyfriend/husband who will treat her like the “Queen” she is. She is becoming independent too. She works, earns her own money, and finally isn’t dependent on other people in her life. She needs someone to complete her.
But she knows that “Men aint sh*t” and there are no good men left. She says she keeps meeting assholes (the same ones she used to like), the good men are all taken, and all the good men that are available … want to stay available and don’t want a relationship. She can be a little selfish at times, wanting the chivalry of the 50’s along with her newfound independence.
She is often in desperate need of introspection. She comlains there are no good men, but is usually not ready to handle the type of guys she wants. Its a shame.

29 & Up
The needed introspection has usually occurred. She has come to terms with her own inadequacies and has finally thrown away the 3 page list of things her man must have. She finally knows whats important and has learned that she will attract someone who she is “ready” to handle. She also has learned to stop being selfish, she realizes she can’t just demand, demand, and demand some more … without giving back to her man in explicit and blatant ways … and expect it to work out. She is comfortable with herself, her body, and her sense of self-being.
She is confident, but not arrogant. Giving, but not a push over. Opinionated, but not a know-it-all. She is balanced.

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Hopefully my description said it all … but there are just a few major things that come with having enough time to know yourself within the grand scheme of the world. The older woman is comfortable with herself and knows herself. For some reason, this means she knows how to treat a man. She isn’t just letting herself being walked over or chasing after guys like some desperate sex starved woman … but has balance in her life. Young girls are just to immature and selfish … sorry.