“Man … look at her.  She’s georgeous”
“What?  Who are you talking about?”
“That girl right there in the pink with the track body”
“What the f*ck?  She’s like 98 pounds, no ass, no titties.  Gimme that one standing right behind her.  Hmmmph”
“Are you serious?  Why would you want that fat ass?”
“Because dawg … she has a phat ass

I will tell you right now … I am person #2.  Skinny girls scare me and I need some meet on my bones.

Now, don’t get me wrong … I’m not talking about that 350 lbs super thick chick that can’t move right.  I don’t have any big girl fetish or anything crazy like that … but I like ass … and I really like breasts.  By accepting just a little baby fat … I don’t have to settle or search the world for a thin waist and … exaggerated assets.

Also, when I say skinny … i really mean skinny.  Not lean, not average … but “damn … when was the last time she had a hamburger” skinny.  Model skinny (Tyra Banks excluded).  No ass or titties skinny … yet I have plenty of friends loving the look.

When I see a skinny chic, a bunch of things run through my mind.  All these scenarios of me holding her up with one hand, pushing her against the wall, and doing acrobatic moves with her run through my mind … but then the reality of it all settles in … and soon I think of the reasons why … Skinny girls scare me:

  1. Will I break her?
    • I’m no small guy (Over 6′ and 200+ lbs) … and have been (unfairly … kinda) given the label of a “sex freak” by friends.  Do I have to worry that you can’t hang?  Do I have to be concerned that when I’m trying to give it to you … you might not be able to take it?  Hmmm
  2. Can you cook? Are you broke?  Eating disorder?

    • Now, obesity is a problem and I’m not saying I want obese women … but why are you so skinny?  Can’t afford food?  Can’t cook and you can just make salads?  Are you anorexic?  I just don’t need to deal with convincing you to eat or looking at me funny while I crush my wings and mumbo sauce.
  3. Where did your ass go?
    • Its possibly to be skinny and have an ass (this one doesn’t apply to you), but chance are your not walking around with the proverbial … donkey.  And I can live with that … but where did your breasts go?
  4. Where did your breasts go?
    • Absolutely inexcusable!!!!
  5. Are you going to eat?
    • I am a big fan of good food, cooking, and trying new food.  Around the 4th time you turn down trying the steak on my plate because “this salad is really filling” … its going to be a wrap.
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Anyways … I like a little meat on my bones.  Too big is just as bad as too skinny … but don’t give me Kate Moss … give me Toccarra!!!

Any lovers of the thick sista?  Anyone who wants him (or her) a backside to grab onto?

It can’t just be me …