Its Friday … time for me to let some stuff off my chest.

  • Have I ever said how much I love those that comment on this site!  I don’t know what it is about this week … but I swear I have learned so much by reading the comments left (yes … I read every single one).  The mix of people is great, the dynamic has been beautiful, my beautiful black people are getting along and empowering each other, and I feel like I actually picked up a little advice for life.  So … for those who had something to say to me and each other … thank you … and I really love ya’ll *chokes up*.
  • I haven’t been back to my regular office in 2 weeks … why has so much changed.  They got a mini fridge … one of my favorite people left … the client seems to be in their own world … I tell you.
  • Been doing a good bit of self reflection as of late as it comes to me and relationships.  As I said … I think its time to make that jump from good to great … actually … from great to greater.  Maybe its cause I’m old now.
  • So now that I’m a year older … I walk around saying “man I feel old” all the time now.  Problem is … I date an older woman and am by far the youngest guy in my office … so after the woman who sits next to me told me “wow … my son is 7 years older than you” and being constantly called a “baby” … I guess I haven’t earned the right yet.  But I don’t care … I’m getting old.  Can’t do it like I used to.
  • How long is sex supposed to last?  Personally … 15 minutes feels like a warm-up to me … and hour seems good … 2 is better … and 4 is attainable, good, and something to tell people about.  Whats all this “I’m tired” I keep hearing about?
  • So … I got a girlfriend now (I’m sorry ladies).  Don’t worry, I’m not gonna get soft on ya’ll.
  • I read a post over at Black Femme Fatale and I might still be offended.  Has to do with the elaborate demands placed upon a man when it comes to paying and stuff.  I mean … I understand my role as the man … but the exacting standards of these rules bother me.  The best part was “My Grandfather told me that if a man wants my time he has to pay for it”.  No offense … but thats the rule we have when strippers come sit down at the table with us in the strip club.  What does that say?
  • Its not even midnight and I’m tired as hell.
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Thats it from me.  What bothering you?  What good news do you have?  Whats poppin?