Another Friday … another chance to rant.

  • I don’t care what anyone says … but for a 40-year-old politician … Sarah Palin could get it.  I would make her change her policies and have her speak without that irritating ass Alaskan accent.  While I am a firm Barak supporter … If McCain wants to win this election … give me like 45 minutes with her … put all kinds of common sense in her.
  • Who the hell is the analyst Rollins on CNN???  Giving Palin 46 points???  I mean … I will admit I was impressed by her more than I expected … but WTF man … can you even pretend to be impartial?
  • Why isn’t there a debate at the University of Maryland!!!  Home of the Terapins Biatch!
  • Palin really could get it.  I know she is old and kind of evil … but she really could get the bid-ness.
  • Celibacy seems to be popular nowadays.  What is that BS?  Who wants to give up sex?  I just can’t get with it.
  • Someone at work is leaving the company so he can move in with his girlfriend and cut down on his commute.  I don’t know how I feel about that one.
  • Still going on a low-sleep diet.  It hasn’t been too bad, but one morning I woke up and couldn’t motivate myself to move or go anywhere.  This caused me to be late one day to the office.  I probably should stop killing myself.
  • I honestly expected Palin to do worse than she did.  I didn’t think she said anything overly stupid.  I was waiting for her to talk about the cute wolves in Alaska and how they give her advice on foreign policy or something.
  • Ever since I was at that wedding this past weekend … my thought process has been … interesting.  I’m thinking about longer-term goals and stuff now.  It’s… uh … weird.
  • I think I might start dating my age now.  Can’t say there is any single motivating factor behind it … but figure I’m at a point where I should try it out.
  • I work too hard.
  • The comments section is funny.  I should start a separate forum for all the randomness that goes on.  Ain’t it a shame when your own comments don’t get acknowledged on your own blog because you haven’t kept up with all the off-topic talk?  LOL.  I love you all.
Done with my turn … now yours.