Everybody goes through things in their life and there’s no telling how they’ll come out of it. The pain that comes from heartbreak or disappointment cannot be captured in words. We have power though. We have the power to find peace and heal ourselves. And when we don’t find that we end up scorned. This is my blog today, what happens when you’re scorned.

1. You alienate friends with your constant negativity – No one likes to be around the person who is always theorizing with why relationships don’t last. Or telling people why they know that deep down all men are trash, or women for that matter. People who are scorned will bring up just about anything to get their point across and it always leads to negativity.

2. Your social media becomes depressing – Have you noticed that your scorned friends social media looks like death? They’re always ranting about how great they are but humanity is not. It’s just silly. They never realize that while people are reading this they’re also thinking to themselves; who hurt you?

3. You take it out on other people – The next person you date will have to deal with you constantly suspecting they might be just like the last. That will weigh heavy. Nobody wants to be subjected to snooping of any sort, they don’t want constant questioning, they don’t want to deal with it. They want you to handle your own issues before you get in the relationship.

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4. You become an ugly person on the inside – Yes, while your outside may be beautiful it bleeds through that you’re not all together there anymore. Some of the most prettiest people do the ugliest things. And trust, i’ve met several people who would think that the person they’re dating is gorgeous but they’re personality is stinky.

5. You lose hope and freedom – Along with all these others the person that you become is a cold shell of yourself. You become the type of person who is constantly hoping for someone to come along and rescue them but you really don’t think it’ll happen. You’ve given up. Hope and virtue are the things that lead to ambition and that’s what attracts us to one another in the first place.

All these things push people further away and they surely don’t attract others. Nobody wants to be around you anymore. When people hear you talk they walk the other way. Each one of us has the power to be great but we give away that power. Quickly, your story becomes the reason you can’t find happiness.

With that, you’re in a downward spiral and while you tell yourself you’re okay it’s obvious you’re not. Ask yourself if this describes you; why would anyone want to be with you?

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Dr. J