Slim Jackson

  • If you follow me on Twitter, you know that I went to the dentist this week. Had that needle in my gums, numb from the caine. Sounds like some drug pushin rap line doesn’t it? It sucked. I spent half the day drooling and looking intoxicated. And I have to go back again. This sh*t aint cheap!
  • Why is it that when you have 1 big expense, suddenly others trickle in? Service engine light came on in my car. Dentist fees from what my benefits don’t cover. EZ Pass sent me to collections for 75 dollars on something they shouldn’t have billed me for and said they couldn’t find me. Groar! Tryna stop me from ownin a home and sh*t.
  • On the positive side, I’m back in health kick mode with the gym and track. Gotta start somewhere. My right hamstring isn’t too happy with me though. Flash backs of flyin through the air in college only to end up on my face in the sand clutching my leg. Eek.
  • Lastly, this week was a good one in the blogging world. Much appreciation to all the peeps who’ve checked out my site and been responsive to my postings. These are the little things on the daily that make the biggest difference…and stop me from turning into the Black Incredible Hulk.
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Mr. FAQs

  • Again, another week that went by hella fast with little too no bright spots…got to get my life together for real.
  • I got a “Iron Gym” for my bday so presumably Mr. FAQs should be swole in a couple months….presumably…
  • Every time I go to the gym, I feel like slow when I fail to read the Class Schedules properly…that being said, ended up in a Palates class the other day…always good to try new things right? Just don’t know how comfortable I was with the FEMALE instructor touching my “center of the universe” area (i.e. lower pelvis) to make sure I was working my abs.
  • No BS I experienced my first hangover ever in life on Monday and having to drive down the side of a mountain in the back seat of a car did not help…I pity the people who have to deal with this anytime they drink…Thank goodness for good genes or something, idk.
  • Also played Scrabble for the first time…that game is no joke…I’m seriously thinking about buying a board to play against myself just to get my spelling game up.
  • I need some recruits for my LA stable of platonic friends…any takers? I feel like more so than men, women thikn its impossible. Maybe its just me but just because you have a pussy and happen to be attractive does not mean that I want to have sex with you. I’m suppose to be interviewing my first applicant in the coming days.
  • Why do people delete me from their BBM contacts? Thats not cool. I can do that to you but it don’t work the other way, iight?
  • Speaking of deletes, I cleaned out my phone a couple of weeks ago and am suddenly regretting some things…stay strong, gotta stay strong.
  • I’m tired…went to sleep at 1:30, woke up at 5:30 thinking about the most random of thoughts…not the business.
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SBM … the one and only

  • Left the office last night after 10pm.  I know it kind of was my own fault … but it still depressing nonetheless.  They turned out the hall lights on me.
  • I am getting off coffee … cause … I really don’t know why … but I’m gonna do it.  Ms. Cabral gave me a great recommendation for Tazo’s Awake tea … and it hits harder than cooked crack.  The transition might not be that hard after all.
  • I’ve been thinking about the blogger I am going to write my fantasy about … and I honestly think I might have to do a threesome.  There are a ridiculous amount of attractive bloggers who are smart too.  But never again shall I cross that line … Fool me once …
  • Every had a time when you caught someone in a lie, then they called you crazy. So instead of letting it go … you present your evidence … to prove your not crazy … but your not believed.  Then the truth does come out … and now they now they’re the crazy one … and then you get deleted from Facebook.  No???  Guess it’s just me.
  • My dating life is so interesting as of late.  If I didn’t have this rule about not putting all my personal business on the internet … and then one of the girls finding the site … and then … well you get the point.  At least the close friends know the deal.
  • My holiday party is coming up soon.  The people in my office all seem to be relationship people.  Married, engaged, long relationships … I wonder if they say something that I bring a different girl to the party each year.  And they all treat me like I’m running the streets dolling out bladder infections every night.  I’m really chill and don’t do sh*t … if only they knew.
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We’re good … your turn.