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Another submission from a concerned reader.

I have been reading your blog for awhile and I LOVE it. I was wondering if you can help me out with my situation.

I have known my boyfriend for 5 years and we broke up when I went to SU for two years. When I graduated I move to Dallas to get a job and be near him. We got back together, but I really don’t see any growth in our relationship. He says he loves me, I mean the world to him, and I will never know it … but I don’t see it. His friends and parents are always saying he talks about me & how he misses but that doesn’t occur when he is around. Ever since I got back I have been supporting him.  I pay any bill he needs paid (his car note is my car note and I OWN my car…LOL). He does not work cause he can’t find a job. But as of lately he doesn’t call or come see me, always stating gas is too high since we live 30 minutes away from each other. I am always arguing with about quality time, since I never see & when I do his best friend is always around. I really dont know what to do. I believe he loves me but he doesn’t show it. All I can think about is “Teach Me” by Musiq Soulchild … do you have any advice for me… thanks for the blog.

This one actually seems like a straight forward open and shut case.

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The n***a is no good and should be dropped!

I tried hard, really really hard to justify his actions because as a man I hate to go badmouthing a comrade if possible … but there is just no getting around it.

I talk about selfish women, the archaic principle of chivalry, and all my gripes and problems with a significant portion of the female population, but nothing you’re asking for is crazy or ludicrous considering you’re his girlfriend.  Also, that n***a needs a job!  I hate golddigging women (which you obviously aren’t), but any person (especially any real man) should be able to handle his own sh*t business.

And I can’t help but think that if your paying his car note … he better be able to gas it up to see you.  I mean … you’re paying for the car.  If I get my girl a cell phone … best believe she needs to use it to call me!

In the end … dude is selfish and sounds like user.  Drop him and move on.

Don’t do it any “Waiting to Exhale” fashion or go have the “n****a ain’t sh*t” session with your girlfriends.  Simply tell him your tired of supporting him without receiving the love & respect you deserve.

And that’s coming from the leader of the “Stop Simping” movement … so that’s serious.  If he has trouble comprehending, send him to the site.

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Lastly, don’t let this ruin you.  Too often do good women get sour and blame every man walking for the actions of one a$$hole unenlightened brotha.  Stay strong … there are plenty of us good guys out there.

****** Update *******
She has left is a$$!  I repeat … his a$$ has been left.