So my vacation starts today … and I haven’t bought any gifts … but just because I love all of ya’ll so much … I still wanted to put something out for you poor individuals still stuck at the office today.

But … Its gonna be short and sweet.

Let’s start it with one of my favorite Three 6 Mafia songs (well … for this month). The classic … “Tongue Ring”

Now … my question to everyone … does a tongue ring really make a difference?

This goes for men and women.

Does a tongue ring make recieving fellatio better? How is cunnilinus when there is a stud in the tongue of that … stud? Is giving harder? Kissing?

Someone … anyone …

**sidenote** … I’ve got to go fight some people at the mall for some gifts.  Bah humbug!

Just Kidding … Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays