aaaSome industries are said to be recession proof, porn and liquor for instance – mofos need a nutt and a buzz no matter what!

I’ve always felt that relationships are easier than being single and not just because of the economic implications. A brother like me likes stability, “routine”, knowing who I’m dealing with et cetera.

But the price of freedom comes at a high premium, especially if your a man and especially if your living in through “the worst economic downturn in a generation.”

First is the cost of appearance. When you are putting yourself on the market there are certain steps that must be taken to make a quality first impression. These include but are not limited to, fresh cut, fresh shave, clean clothes, fresh fitted, clean ride and a gym membership. Now of course money can be saved by doing all these things yourself and not paying anyone for their services, but some dude’s lack the ability or desire to do so. When your in a committed relationship, you can slack on appearance because she knows what your capable of.

The second cost is the cost of encounter. If your lucky, your a member of a networking group or car club who has members that are attractive and have similar interests. If your blessed, you have friends with friends who are attractive and have similar interests. If your neither, you will be spending some cash just to find “her.” Now how much you spend is directly correlated to where you choose to meet people. If you prefer the club or some other social outing, you have the cost of parking followed by cover and any drinks you decide to trick on yourself or the lady of interest. If youaaa2 prefer say, the strip club you have all of the a fore mentioned cost plus those of stuffing you cell, gas, electric and half your car note down a g-string. I would be doing a disservice if I failed to account for the cost of gas to get to these places. The online dating approach seems the cheapest as the only cost are registration and paying someone to photoshop your pics.

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I’ve always heard that church is a perfect place to meet women. However, its something about her praising the Lord and me undressing her with my eyes that keeps Mr. FAQs from pursuing such avenues.

But if your lucky enough to have someone at home not only do you not feel the need to go out, but even when you do certain cost of tricking are alleviated. For example, buying her enough liquor so she will come home with you since she is already your girl having to burn your gas to pick her up.

So lets say you get the digits … and your ready to make that first step to see where things go. The last, and often the most important fee, is the cost of the first date. I’m a firm believer that first aaa3dates in a non-public location are not acceptable. When picking the location, its best to start with the vibe of the young lady. If she’s a more social person, perhaps a vibrant restaurant with a good bar scene will work. If she’s more reserved, perhaps a museum or art gallery followed by coffee and scones at a café. Either way, you should be familiar with the avg cost of meals and not pick the spot you’ve heard people “talk about” that has $$$$ and no prices on the menu.

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If your in a relationship however, going on actual dates can be down played. If she knows you are struggling, she will probably understand if you can’t have steak and lobster every night anymore. If you’ve been together for a while, just looking in each others eyes takes you to another place, no need to even leave the house.

A recession is hands down the worst time to be a single black male. Even if you have money and a job, there’s no security and it means nothing. The notion of casual dating can easily become the difference between enjoying someones company and enjoying your cable/wireless bundle. But you can’t let her know your broke because no matter what you say, “a broke ni**a with ambition is still a broke ni**a”.

So yes “The Relationship”,  like porn and liquor, is also recession proof.

Feel me? Ain’t being broke with a gf better than being broke and on “the hunt”? Ladies … thoughts?