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New poll up … make a difference … vote!  Just cause we got a black man in the White House means you can stop!

Mr. FAQs

  • I always seem to be playing cupid, by default.
  • Ask and you shall receive: degree holding accountant with one of the Big 4 in LA…SCORE!
  • Every chick in Atlanta seemed to have a big ole ass, every single one.
  • Why did a cat walk in T-mobile and use a display phone to make a call??? We got a Black President now, we can’t do that! Ha
  • Power Lunch (or Power Breakfast on the West Coast) on CNBC used to be one of my favorite shows…now its just straight depressing.
  • I wish I was a freshman in college right now. Full of ambition, hope and insulated from this economy for another 4-years.
  • Not that I’m less elated than the next person but can the President and his family get off my TV 24/7?
  • Next two weeks … got some big decisions to make. Keep me in your prayers.

Slim Jackson

  • Some decent things happened for me this week. My job let me know my pay won’t drop (for at least a few months). I’m in the process of hashing out a few legit business ventures. I bought another videogame to keep me safe in times of crisis…people need to cop that Mortal Kombat vs. DC United. Lost over an hour of my life with the quickness.
  • I need to start explorin’ more with my writing. People keep tellin’ me about opportunities to have stuff published. All I need to do is get one jawn published in the right place and the real fun shall begin…
  • My time management has been awful lately. Really need to get that in order. I guess I just care less when things are going somewhat well.
  • My basketball game got cancelled this week. That means 1 week to do some calf raises and cardio only to be equally as tired after next weeks game.
  • I appreciate the blog fam…as usual. Have a good weekend!
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  • Apparently SBM has decided to write his Rantings in the third person (assinine … aint it?).  When he was asked why he would do such a thing … he arrogantly responded “I am no longer a person … but an entity”.  After that statement, a shoe was promptly thrown at him … but unfortunately … he has moves sicker than Neo from the matrix … and dodged it with a surpring amount of style.
  • SBM left his office at 9pm today … only to rest in preparation for an early meeting.  There is something he finds refreshing about leaving the office late after working hard and accomplishing something that should be well received … but his back hurts from his “massa’s” lashings.
  • He wants a new car … badly … but he has enough sense to realize the reality of his mortgage is a higher priority.  In addition to that, the Audi A5 (MSRP $45K) is just unrealistic for him. The more practical used Infiniti G35 coupe (aprox. $16K) would allow him to ride around in style at a reasonable price … but his long list of speeding tickets is helping him to appreciate his modest (yet not slumming) 4 cylinder car.  All his cars are always Black on Black …
  • For the entire week, SBM had been looking forward to the rants … with plenty of nuggets of insight he wanted to bestow upon the people he loves most … but apparently having to work hard in order to compensate for barely working has left his mind in a mush like state (probably helping to explain his decision to go third person).
  • Knowing so much about computers is becoming boring to SBM.  He’s glad he has the knowledge to help others and earn himself a healthy compensation package … but can he be known as something else.  Its not like the boy walks aroung with a pocket protector and glasses installing windows all day!
  • ApparentlySBM had another good week … and is looking forward to celebrating the birthday of his baby brother’s (his brother hate’s baby & little) this weekend.
  • Damn … this man actually told someone “I drip swag whereever I walk … and I need a team just to make sure I don’t stain the sidewalk on the way to work”.  This man needs some sleep … because he is talking foolishness.
See Also:  Rantings of an SBM

What’s on your mind good peoples?