I like women … nay … I love women.

I like talking to them, I like going out with them, I like going out to a movie with them, I like laying next to them, I like sitting on a couch and putting my arm around them, I like chatting them up … and I especially like giving them the bidness making love to them.  Yes … I do love me some women.

But … ya know what … I like other things to.

I like riding my motorcycle (I hate winter BTW), I like driving (while banging screw), I like surfing the internet, I like watching movies solo (don’t have to answer any complex plot questions to anyone but myself), I like sleeping, I like playing video games, I like reading (real books too … not magazines), I like chilling with my friends, I like to mentor kids, I like doing nothing at all, I like programming  … I like … well … a lot of things.

In a time when you have women suffering from the “I need a man” syndrome and people preaching to “multi-task that a**” so they don’t get overly consumed with more than one person … SBM is here to preach of an alternative that will benefit your personal life, your love life, and might just get a tree planted somewhere.  And it’s so simple because I know people hate directions with more than one step overly complicated plans. Four words …

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Get a f***ing hobby

Yes … that’s it.  What … 300 words ain’t enough?

Ok … I’ll give you more … I promise it’ll be good …

A lot of people are obsessed with dating, finding a mate, sex, and the like (it’s what keeps SBM.net in business!) to the point were they just simply obsess over it … or they feel the only way to distract themselves from one woman/man is with another woman/man.

What ever happened to just filling your thoughts and time with … other sh*t?  I bet there is a good book in your house that needs to be read, something that needs to be fixed, or a friend you haven’t seen in months.  Instead of hitting up #2 on your list of potentials … why not get a pick up game going with Ray Ray and Pookie (everyone knows a Pookie)?  Why not finally go build that Ikea bookcase thats been sitting in the box for 3 months?  Why not call up Big Brother’s Big Sister’s and go change a kids life?

I know some people think this is a strictly female phenomenom … wrong!  Men can be just as clingy and needy (lets call them men for lack of a better word … although simp comes to mind) not knowing how to not be up under their woman.  For these “men” … its just inexcusable.  Go do some push-ups!

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It’s a well known fact that all many women suffer from this debilitating condition.  Since I am not a woman … my advice might not be the best … but lets start by taking “him” off of #2 speed dial. Next, your gonna call the girlfriend you have been shunning for the past few months (that’s what yall do as soon as a man comes into the picture), and invite her out for a drink. After that, go to the book store and pick up something to read … doesn’t even have to be intelligent … just nothing about romance or love. Rinse and repeat … and you’ll be on your way.

Don’t believe that this is for you … lets look at the benefits:

  • You will have a life of your own … and that … is priceless.
  • Your boyfriend/girlfriend, FwB, Jump Off, Person your stalking … will enjoy not having to entertain you 24/7.
  • When you break up with said person (remember the 99% failure rate) … no need to sulk around the house for weeks because you got a basketball game, a happy hour, a a yoga class scheduled for this week.
  • You will actually keep your friends … instead of dumping them all as soon as a new man/woman comes along.
  • You might actually accomplish something … besides having a man/woman.
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Anyone feeled a renewed vigor to go out and get them a life of their own?  Anyone with friends who need this link forwarded to them? Some sad “he/she is my everything” individual who wants to speak their piece?