So … I was reading cosmopolitan magazine, as I was asked for my opinion on all the random tips, tricks, and guides to keep, get, and stimulate a man.  It was … interesting.

Now … this site was started as a chance for one Single Black Male to help put a voice out there for us when it came to relationships and whatnot. A lot of the information about “us” out there seems to be crafted by women … and often makes us into mere sex crazed, heartless dirty dogs … and I know I’m not heartless and shower on the regular (no comment on the first point).  While sometimes correct and insightful, way too many females just don’t know what their talking about and are leading others into falsehoods, fallacies, and just downright criminally insane statements … all under the premise as “knowing men”.  Sad at times …

At some point I realized as just one man … I may be giving a similarly unrepresentative opinion of all men (of course that’s what the comments section is for) … but I tried to open it up more, brought on new writers (Slim Jackson and Mr. Faqs … I see ya’ll) and started featuring other bloggers, emails from readers, and all that.  Basically … helping to further as your one stop stop for “Relationship, Dating, Sex … and all that other good sh*t” … straight from the mouths of Single Black Men.

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Damn … I should put that in the about section …

I digress …

As I perused the pages of cosmo reading about how my testicles can take a lot of abuse (I kid you not … this was a “sex secret”) I began to think … where do they get this from and do these women who “know men” … really … know men?

As soon as I thought of this the answer followed within seconds … hell naw they don’t know sadly these women will be forever mistaken.  But … being the unbiased open minded individual I am … I continued to flip through and think … these women actually aren’t that far off.  Out of there little list of “sex secrets” … only about 2 were wrong (I’m sorry … maybe its just me … but my testicles need to be coddled more than an infant … don’t “get ruff” with them before you find yourself accidentally kneed in the head politely asked to stop).

So … now I’m conflicted.  Can this women’s magazine really lead women to better relationship with men?  Is there really good advice being dished out by non-jaded women on how to keep, hold, and get a man?

Finding good relationship advice is something damn near everyone is looking for.  Whether you get it from a blog, an advice column, a magazine, the barbershop, or just your close friends … everyone has questions.  All this boils down to one question which I have been lamenting over for years …

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Where does the best advice come from … the opposite sex or the same?

Lets dig into it …

Same Sex Advice (Same as you … opposite of your mate)

Most men have dealt with several women in a romantic capactity, and likewise for most women.  So there is a good chance they know more about the opposite sex than they know about themselves.  As a man … I don’t know what turns on any other man in bed besides me … and I’m just one.  “Blockhead”  Brenda from around the block will probably have better advice on how to give your man a great valentines over me.

Opposite Sex Advice

The real reason any man has a female friend that he doesn’t want to sleep with (usually at most women out of any guy’s “friend” list qualify) is so we can get advice when Sheniqua threw a bowl at our head yelled at us … when all we did was “answer her question“.  Women understand women … and men understand men … right?

So … I want to know … where should we look to for advice?  As a woman … do you go to cosmo and your girlfriends … or come on over to (well … that’s an easy one)? As a man … are we polling up the fellas as we put a dollar between some cheeks at the “shaka joint” drink a beer while watching the game … or do we call those two female friends to answer life’s questions?

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And I don’t want to hear any of those “Its a combination of both” answers … pick a side … man up!