Slim Jackson

  • This week actually went by pretty quickly. Not sure if that means I had a good week or I was just really busy.
  • My basketball team is headed to the playoffs after winning 5 games in a row. I’m trying to get some footage of me dunking on some feeble bballer. If I do obtain such footage, it will be uploaded to the internet with the quickness.
  • I had a picture up on my Slim Jackson Facebook account, then I got all nervous and antzy and took it down. I guess I gotta go back into full anonymity for a little while. People consistently ask me why I don’t have a picture or site with my face on it? The answer to that is simple. I don’t want to lose my job behind some Internets.
  • I have a lot of people to see and a lot of stuff to do this weekend. I need to find time to include getting caught up on Lost and 24, and to rekindle my love of Street Fighter.
  • Have a good one folks!

Mr. FAQs

  • Lent started this week and slipt up in the first 30 minutes!
  • This one particular female was real trif last week and has spent all this week trynna be all up in my face. I don’t know why they refuse to listen even when I tell them from the jump that I’m a cold hearted bastard…I’m over her. Lemme lone gal!
  • While I’m a firm believer of happiness over money and money not being everything (because it isn’t), I also have bills and am a firm believer of paying them. To bad for me my bills don’t care about happiness. So you can now add an NBA franchise to my list of “had to let them down gently.” Steadily building my professional roledex which so far is doing nothing for the bottom line.
  • I don’t know if I have to many electrons in my body or what but cellular devices and myself are not compatible. I just got a new (refurbished exchange) Blackberry that came out the box not working. Its 4th or 5th one in about 12 months. I don’t want a phone at all anymore, get me a carrier pigeon.
  • So I started shopping at the bougie grocery store by my crib. Sales a coo if you catch them but the black women that frequent it…my goodness! Why have I been avoiding it for 9 months????? Oh wait, cause some chick hated on it. She was probably jealous of the competition hahaha.
  • Random events of the week: Monday – window falls off and into bus across from my seat. Tuesday – 80 year old white women has Biggy as her ringtone. Wednesday – cracked out drooling degenerate falls out on me on bus, have to throw him off with my fore arm and feel desire to burn hoodie and said fore arm. I’m tired of ‘going green’…I want to pollute again :/.
  • My undergrad chapter won College Chapter of the Year and College Brother of the Year last weekend at the district convention. Makes me proud. ‘00000000006
  • Big bro just hit me up and said he was in town. Haven’t had a chance to talk to him yet but pretty sure its business. I smell I real nice FREE meal! Hahaha
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  • I’m in Houston, TX for the weekend.  I must say … it’s not what I expected so far.  I thought it would like a more country version of ATL … but I swear its been more “boughie” than DC.  Well … we’ll see what I think Monday after I hit some clubs and whatnot.
  • It was an interesting week at work … short … but rather interesting … I’ll leave it at that.
  • So … I have experienced several aspects of Houston since the first rant (yes … I write my rants over several hours) and I now have more love fore the city. Went to the BBQ cook off with well connected individuals.  Free Ribs, Brisket, and alcohol … Houston is f*cking great!
  • Went back to what I have always regarded as the best strip club on earth.  “My” stripper told me she was studying computer science in school … now I really love the city.  And its good to know the SBM college fund is going to good things.
  • Given all that has occurred and all the fun that I had … I am actually anticipating the arrival of someone who I know back from DC … but sadly I’m counting down to their arrival … *sigh*
  • Uh … all I can think about is the fact is that I’m in Houston.  I don’t want to bore folks … but I am looking for a city guide … so if you can show me where Harlem nights is … email me.
  • I started the official SBM clothing store … go pick you up some of the hotness.