Slim Jackson

  • This week dragged along for me. I had no motivation at work and opted out of a company function simply because I think work already takes up too much of my time.
  • I’m  making progress with this workout program and I’m enjoying it. Unfortunately, I forgot the value of water and caught an awful series of calf cramps while I was playing basketball. Apparently 8 cups a day isn’t enough for me.
  • I’m considering becoming a certified Personal Trainer. People keep telling me I’d be good at it and I think I’d really enjoy it.
  • Gotta make a trip home to upstate NY this weekend. It’s been a while since I made that journey.  It’ll be nice to have momma’s home cookin’ and do nothing but lay on the couch and sporadically run errands for her.
  • I don’t find The Office as funny as most people do. However, I do find Family Guy and South Park hilarious.


  • I had more training this week.  Man … all this training is tiring.  Well … I guess I’m learning a bunch of good skills and stuff.
  • Apparently my company had one of the best years in its history.  We also have several hundred open positions.  Boggles the mind and is probably going to secure my tenure with the firm.
  • I made it to the gym … finally. It had been some months … but I’m back.
  • I bought my plane ticket to Vegas for next month.  I am very much looking forward to getting away and turning off my cell phone.  The office will not be tracking me down.
  • After Vegas, its Bike Week! And in anticipation, I’ve decided to buy a new motorcycle.  I have made the choice to join Team Green and get me a Kawasaki.  I won’t be getting a green one … but still looking forward to it.  Also, anyone looking to buy a Honda … get at me.
  • Before Vegas and Myrtle Beach … its off to Chicago for a chill weekend.  Never been to the city … so I’m looking for all advice on where to go and what to see!
  • It looks like this will be the last rants for the foreseeable future.  With the new writers, time to give up my own little spot for my b*tching and moaning and give someone a chance to wow the world with their words.  I’ll probably bring it back every now and again … but no more regular Friday Ranting … sorry folks.
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For the last rants … really let it out … RANT