So I know I said, that I hate when men are infatuated with somebody else’s girl, but the strangest thing happened to me recently and I had to break my own rule.  I had good reason to… here’s how the story went and then i’m going to break it down to you.
So me and my partner went to a BBQ this weekend, it was an intimate gathering of friends and family.  Nothing big or serious.  We were all sitting out, drinking and sharing good conversation.  This guy comes up to the BBQ with a shorty who appears to be his girlfriend, but i’m not sure.  The first thing I noticed about her was that she was A) Red Bone, B) Long Hair, C) She was wearing yellow (i’ll come back to this later), and D) She had freckles (freckles and dimples and you can wrap the Doc up).  So I asked a young lady that was there, was that her boyfriend?  And she replied, I know him, but I don’t know her, so I guess so.  So a few minutes after arriving to the BBQ, her boyfriend decides to play a card game.  And so he kind of let her be by herself by the pool.  So she joined the conversation that was going on.  Now if I give her stats, i’m going to get caught and be outed for the scoundrel I am.  However, let’s just say, on a scale of 1-10, she’s a certified 20.  So… as there were lulls in the conversation I would strike up conversation with her to keep her engaged.  Because I felt a certain way about the fact that homie brought shorty here and then just left her with a group of people who all knew each other for mad long, she just was kind of left out.  At a certain point, one of my homegirls gives me this look when she noticed that I was having a private conversation with her.  (I replied, with a sinister smile.)  So after a few more sharp looks, I tell my partner to set a hard screen on my homegirl so I could close on this house.


And he did as requested, and I said, “We should stay in touch.”  And she gave me this look like, “You’re really bold aren’t you?”  And at the same time, I waved my hand and said, “He’s not paying attention to you anyway.”  And she smiled and we exchanged information.
What is the takeaway from this?  You don’t leave your S550 parked in the hood with the doors unlocked.  I mean, for me, I saw something that I was like this is not indicative that this is going anywhere anyway.  (Maybe, I had been listening to Boyfriend #2, over and over and over again.)  I saw something that I was like, if that was me, I would have never let it out my sight.  I thought about the potential for success and I made a move.  You don’t leave your valuables unattended.  And when I say this guy was literally fifteen feet away when this all happened, he was within earshot, if he had been paying attention.  Moreover, note that this girl was clued into the fact that he wasn’t paying attention because she played a part in it too.  I thought about what that meant, but then again I thought about that we do not support Thurman Thomas’ (men who fumble).  If you have fumbilitis, that’s your problem, not mine.
So yeah, I probably broke my rule about talking to women with boyfriends.  It’s been broken before people…  Anyway, Jay come talk to these women for me:
The moral of the story if you love your b*tch
you better – hold your hoe, hug your b*tch
You better – slow your roll, trick some bread
When she wanna go out, you like Craig and ’em said
“See ya when I see ya,” now she’s callin me up
And I’m like, “Geah, of course I wanna chill”
Now she with the real, and you all fed
Like, “I’ma crack her motherf*ckin fo’head!”
Was I wrong to break my rule?  Should I actually engage myself in talking to this girl?  I don’t think so, what do you think?
— Dr. J is now accepting walk-in appointments.