When I first heard One Night Only by Lil’ Wayne for some strange reason, it didn’t sound as bad as it really was. You guys who read my blogs know how much I hate how dudes will be infatuated with smashing a chick who has a man. But really when I sit down and think about it from the girl’s perspective it’s quite comical to me. Real talk, a lot people think that cheating is cut and dry, but often times it isn’t. And as random as people may think one-night-stands are, most times, they aren’t. So let me jot down a few notes on the subject.

He was already smashing before you, he’ll be smashing after you
It’s so easy to assume the reason she is not with the last guy is because something grimy went down… no silly rabbit. There are several reasons why she may not be talking to him anymore and the one you need to pay close attention to is, “He’s just not boyfriend material.” What that means is that you’re boyfriend material and he was just a Super Sexy Superhero. So occasionally when she is looking for a good thronxing she will allow a few of those inappropriate texts go through. And when you are hanging out with the boys one night and she’s “hanging out with her girls” she’s actually getting her back blown out by the other dude.

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She only sees him but so often
Watch out for this guy. Actually, not really. You see this guy is probably from here, but does not live here. Or maybe he hits your city up often. For example, he plays for the Eagles and you live in NYC. So he plays the Giants once a season and makes a few random trips to the city whenever they play the Jets or Patriots. On the night that this guy is in town, he will expect your chick to rid herself of you and come hang out with you. He probably knows you, but he doesn’t really care about you. And to be honest, she doesn’t respect you if she lets a dude say, “ditch that dude and let’s get it on.”

She don’t think she will ever see him again
You were the dumass who let her go to Vegas for her and her home girl’s 25th birthdays. You got what you deserved you nitwit. She met dude at Tryst and later on that night in the city where everything that happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, she boned him. Now it’s not always vacation it could be that the guy is leaving town permanently or for an extended time. Say word, SENIOR YEAR OF COLLEGE. Don’t front! Do not front, some of you know, there was a couple casualties of chance because you knew you guys would be on separate sides of the country but the tension had been there for the last four/five years. So you had a little one night stand.

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You should have kept your mouth shut
I really don’t want to give this as an out, but I’ll be honest with you guys. Sometimes you piss your woman off and she goes out and has a “good time”. You know if your girl has a tendency to do these types of things, so don’t anger her. Do not send you girl out into the streets upset with you for being an asshole. You’re only making the other guy’s job too easy.

She’s just a dirtbag anyway (via Streetz)
“You can’t turn a ho into an Atlanta housewife, and you can’t rehabilitate someone who’s grimy. Men get labeled with the “once a cheater, always a cheater” phrase, when it holds true for women also. I know women who have had boyfriends for years…and I just found out last week! Clearly, these women don’t respect their boyfriend or the relationship, and see their significant other as background to their Broadway play of Les Miserable. There’s no helping them, and no stopping them if they want a “forbidden dude”” (http://www.threewaystotakeit.com/dont-you-have-a-man/) I couldn’t have said it better.

So there you have it. She has one night only so she chose to cheat. You could get mad and throw away years of a relationship on one measly night of pleasure or you could get over it. I am not advising you to just get over it. In my opinion, if a chick is going to step out every time she gets pissed or if she is going to just smash every time she gets the feeling to, she is a liar and cheat and those are two things I just won’t do. My only point here is that, these one night stands are happening and the reasons are a little more complicated than you think. Wouldn’t you agree? Have you ever stepped out on a significant other for one night? Or, lol, do you know someone who has? Ladies in particular, ever been pissed at your boo and decided to “do you” for a night? Or maybe you just wanted to have your cake and eat it too.

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– Dr. J