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Dress me or undress me girl. Your choice...

Peter is in front of the mirror putting on one of his favorite shirts. His boo, Dahsheeka, walks in and shakes her head. It is here that the dialogue begins:

Dahsheeka: You know you can wear other shirts with those pants right?
Peter: Yeah Snugglemuffin, I know. I like this shirt though.
Dahsheeka: Every time you’re not in work or basketball clothes, there’s a pretty good chance that you’ll put that trojan one on.
Peter: Why does it matter? It’s clean, pressed, and presentable.
Dahsheeka: I feel like I’m dating a cartoon character!
Peter: Well, you do like my go go gadget d*ck. Anyway, I’ll put on the other shirt to appease you.
Dahsheeka: Grrr. Let’s go to Macy’s. My treat.

Sound familiar at all? I know it does for me. Ya see, unlike Dr. J, I’m not a high maintenance fellow (#noshotsjusttruth). I don’t spend an hour a day in front of the mirror. I drive an Altima to the club. I don’t have an extensive shoe/sneaker collection that requires methodical thought each and every day. I just plain keep it simple. I always have been that way and always will be.

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I have a good number of shirts, but there are 3 or 4 that I really like to wear when I’m dressed to get out the crib and be around people in a casual setting. There are no crazy designs or over the top efforts to coordinate. On nights where I go out, it’s my Cole Haans, clean jeans, and a collared shirt that’s probably a solid color. That’s it. I’m predictable when it comes to the wardrobe and I really don’t care as long as I’m clean and don’t embarrass whoever I’m with.

When I need new dress clothes, I go to Men’s Wearhouse to pick out the suit and I let their staff do the rest. When I’m shopping for casual clothes, I bring a woman along and let her figure out what works and I just give a yay or nay. Some people have told me that I really need to get it together when it comes to shopping and my overall lazy attitude toward the task. Don’t get twisted though. I can make decisions on my own if I have to, but if somebody thinks they can do better than me then I’ll let them take the fashion steering wheel. My objective in life is to mitigate stressors so I can focus on things that make me happy. Shopping and trying to outdo folks with an outfit doesn’t make me happy.

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So when you see me in NYC on June 3rd for the Modern Day Matchmaker Live and think that I’m dressed awesome or that I didn’t do enough, just remember that it wasn’t me who picked the outfit. It was a woman. And besides, every good man has a good woman helping to dress him for his moment in the spot light whether he admits it or not.

So ladies and gents, how do you feel about women dressing their men? Is it a turn off for a woman who needs to revamp her man’s wardrobe? Is wardrobe really a predictor of one’s personality? Should every man be trained on aggressive wardrobing skills or is that just too parfait risque? Any other thoughts? Share ’em. Share ’em now!

If you don’t like my jeans then buy me a new pair,