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It is no secret here that SBM loves “ignorant rap” music (I wish a mother f*****r would try to judge me too … lol). I have even decided to share my vast knowledge with the world in my “Moments Of Ignorance” posts … there is a dark side to all this … a very dark side.

The mysogany

For all of you who are afraid of big words and don’t know what misogyny means … I’ll help you out (your also the one’s I’m talking about!)

hatred, dislike, or mistrust of women.

But … while misogyny has been addressed in books and by well known advocates with koofis and natural hair I want to give it that SBM twist … as only I do.

When misogyny is talked about … it’s not literal. It goes well beyond just hitting a woman, kicking her down some stairs, and unannounced cumshots other blatant acts of disrespect … because I bet the most misogynystic men will claim “naw dawg … I loves me some women … I gots ta have the p***y!”

*sigh* …

Misogyny usually manifests itself as an overall disrespect for all women (simply because their women) and treating them like trophies, toys, c*m receptacles, and objects … instead of the givers of life and mothers of our children that they are (***Note*** I’m only talking about the good women with a good head on their shoulders, mean head game, non crazy tendencies, and will cook and do laundry)

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To drive the point home … here are a few signs of a misogynist

Refers to every woman … no matter who they are … as b*tch. E.g. “yeah that b*tch gave birth to me and let me stay at her house for 30 years … but a b* is a b*”
No desire to treat any woman good … and is always seeing with what he can get away with. E.g “I bet I can smash her sister and then go home right after for dinner”
Touts the amount of random women he has slept with as a bragging point. Also gives himself extra points for not knowing the names of half of them.
Literally thinks ALL women as beneath him. His boss, his wife, his sister, his mama … all of them. And is quick to tell ya why. E.g. “I don’t care if she signs my checks … I’d have barefoot in that kitchen scrubbing my floors in no time”

Now that you know what I mean by misogyny (if you still don’t get it … you can go ahead and close the browser now and come back tomorrow you’re prolly one of the m*therf*ckers I’m talking about) … lets move on

BTW … I was once a misogynist. I recovered and its a daily fight (partially because I refuse to give up UGK)

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It takes a strong strong … super strong mind and will to listen to huge amounts of more ingorant rap that is pervasice on the radios and television. Besides the promotion of overspending, rented rims, drinking, drugs, inflated asses, and … well 95% of what’s currently wrong with black society … you have tons of passive and active misogyny … yeah … there are two types.

Passive misogyny is not direct … its implied … like always calling a girl a b***h in a song. Also, demeans and devalues women without spelling it out.

Active is worst … that’s when the someone directly tells the world that all women are b****s and to to swap em out like shoes.  This is damn near an instruction manual on how to get backhanded by ma dukes.

Misogyny in music nowadays is the problem for some truly depraved actions by the youth out here. I still feel that chivalry is dead (actually read the post … it’s deep sh*t), but the rampant disrespect hurts my soul. Every woman is not a b*tch, good women do exist and need to be … treated well in bed, some women can be trusted (not all though … don’t get it twisted), and at their not second class citizens. It’s too convenient to blame music for all this … because its not just Webbie’s Gutta B***h single … but it’s not helping. If you think it’s rare instances … actually listen to the lyrics of International Player’s Anthem (I Choose You) … there is a whole song after Andre 3000’s verse

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The solution … the SBM approved test before buying ignorant music. Yes … I feel anyone buying any of the actively ignorant music should be able to define “misogyny”, give 3 current examples of it, and explain why the electricity (its not just the lights) bill should be paid before spinning rims are purchased. After that … your 1 year card will be issued, too be renewed with a pop quiz on Martin Luther King Jr, Malcolm X, and the Black Panther Party.

Was today random … yeah … but do you feel me? Is there a need to fight some of the more prominent misogyny that is out here infecting our people? Is music the biggest issue? Am I the only one who can bob their head to a Soulja Boy song … but still is waiting on his public execution for crimes against hip-hop?