This Friday we decided to give the internet another opportunity to rant and let the world know what’s on their mind.  Rantings post are us putting some of the most random thoughts for public consumption.  And the only thing better, is what you are going to rant about in the comments. Enjoy.



I now live in Boston.  Every time it out loud, or think it too hard … still can’t believe it.  After life in the two “Black Meccas” of the US (DC & ATL), will I survive?  And will someone explain to me why they call it beantown!?!?

I’m done with driving.  After the painful drive from DC to NJ, and the slightly more pleasant ride from NJ to BOS, I’m happy my car is sold and that I don’t have to worry about it!

That last statement was a lie.  After having to carry around groceries almost a mile, and considering I have been plotting to go to Wal-Mart for several days and failing … I miss the freedom already.

I think the strip club scene here is severely under-developed.  This makes me very sad.

I saw a little kid the other day and though to myself: “How Cute.”  I’m officially getting soft and now I fear for my life.

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Dr. J

Let’s be honest, you didn’t go to the club to dance with your friends, you went to get a number from some guy.  Why didn’t you stay home and dance in the living room to Madonna?

If a tree falls in a forest and there’s no one around does it make a sound?  If 160,000 Pakistanis die do you even care?

Does anyone think that Obama has a real touch on the hood?  Like does he really think that he understands what’s going on in our Black community?  How many times does a young black boy have to answer to, “If Obama can be president you can be…”?  Have we done anything about the stratification of wealth and resources in this country?

And where the eff did that accent come from?  Have you heard those Black folk who say, “maTUR” instead of “mature”?  They piss me off.

I feel like a man should be able to name at least 60 aliases for breasts?  If he can’t I question his manhood. And don’t give me that, “respect for womanhood” bullish… because at the same time, women can name 50 names for their knockers.

And can I get a hot tub!?


I’m always proud of myself when I stick to a plan that I’ve set forth. Finally, after letting it collect dust for months, I’ve revived Streetztalk my personal site. The reasons why I didn’t revive it sooner were <excuses> work was picking up, i focused on the other sites (including this one) that I write for, and just had an overall lack of motivation.</excuses> The biggest reason was because I had no more direction.  Or an unfocused one I should say…

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Now I’ve decided to primarily make the site about Health and Fitness, and travel. I’ll include articles I get daily, deals around the net, and of course my personal experiences. I’m far from a health guru or Carmen San Diego, but I figure that I always need motivation to meet my fitness goals, so why not get motivated with a large group of people, while sharing my tips and experiences? Plus wild shyt happens on my travels and I gotta tell someone! So please check it out and support accordingly.

I need someone to write escalation letters for this USPS issue. I’ll black out otherwise. I’m gonna look towards FA00. I got a few sands in mind who know how to “ask for managers”

BBM changed the game for me. That’s all I’ll say about that.

Kudos to The Miz for perfecting his craft daily and being a top WWE star. I had my doubts, but son is doing it now. Shout to my homie Eve Torres as well for her constant grind and position as one of the top female faces in World Wrestling Entertainment. I see you Hommes!

I’m one or two good steps away from finally making major moves. The grind continues.

Deo Adjuvante Non Timendum

That’s it from us. It’s Friday, so go ahead and take some time to get something off your chest and let em know. RANT!