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Confidence is sexy. And going with that theme, water is wet, the sky is blue, and dehydration leads to charlie horses and hamstring cramps during marathon sex. For those that haven’t experienced intercoursal cramps, think about that time you woke up holding your calf and writhing in pain yelling “why lawd” with your face in the pillow. That never happened to you? Me neither.

And since confidence is sexy, it increases the likelihood of one being able to get sex…particularly if you’re a male. Confidence explains why 3s are able to pull 8s and why some 7s can fall to a smedium 3 or 4 within the first few minutes of a conversation; well, that and bad breath will do it. But yeah, if I were to survey 100 moderately to highly attractive women that slept with an assortment of unsavory looking individuals on the first night or very soon thereafter, at least 60 would say that his confidence intrigued them into nudity. 10 would claim they were really drunk off 1 long island ice tea. 10 would say they read his report from their home girls on D* and were determined to see the moon and the stars while riding his rocket to Planet O. The rest would be related to Helen Keller.

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In theory, high confidence should translate to a good bedding. But as many women don’t hesitate to point out, this is inaccurate. Some men ooze assertiveness, yet fail at the art of insertion because they have a hair trigger or lack the horizontal height and circumference to cause anything more than a disappointing grimace. If you’ve ever walked out of a man’s crib or sent him on his way quickly after quickly, then phoned or texted one or all of your girls to discuss the mediocre pummel session then you know exactly what I’m talking about.

But what is a man to do when he knows that his piece lacks the proverbial umph to get the job done? Of course there are different strokes for different folks, but a snug fit C isn’t exactly known for satisfying internal appetites. In other words, if a man wants to get sex without employing mind-altering and felonious drugs, then he knows he needs to radiate confidence even if it may be misleading. However, there are dudes out there that will acknowledge upfront to women that their piece lacks the ability to pack punch, but are confident in their ability to please women in every other way. The thing that I’ve always wondered is if it’s better for the sub-adequate to confidently disclose their little problem, talk modestly about their bedroom game, or say nothing at all. Some will read this and say it doesn’t really matter, but who are we kidding? It does. I read blog comments and I listen to my lady friends every day of the week.

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My main question for today is do you think it’s better for someone to confidently disclose a small piece or other soon-to-be obvious sexual short-coming upfront, or should they let you discover the lameness on your own? Also, would their confident disclosure of a bedroom issue leave you with a more or less favorable impression of the person? And if you’re brave enough, do you talk it up before getting down or leave it ’til you’re in the land of the sheets? Other thoughts are encouraged as usual.

I really don’t talk about my piece because it speaks for itself,

P.S. Not to be confused with Slim Johnson. I touch walls unless it’s too dense.
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