5. Everything About This Chick

Scandal-Quinn Perkins


4. The Soundtrack

Does anyone know why a network television drama in 2013 might have the soundtrack of a blaxploitation film from 1975? It’s not that I don’t love 70’s soul. I do. It’s just that it always feels woefully out-of-place in a show about a DC fixer working her way through scandal after scandal. Like everything about the show, it’s way too forceful and obvious. Here’s a list of some of the songs that have played at various points in various episodes:

Sam Cooke – Nothing Can Change This Love
The Staples Singers – Respect Yourself
Stevie Wonder – I Wish
Stevie Wonder – Superstition
Otis Redding – Mr. Pitiful
Sam & Dave – Wrap It Up
Curtis Mayfield – Superfly
Curtis Mayfield – Pusherman
Edwin Star – War (What Is It Good For)
Sly and The Family Stone – Everyday People
Johnnie Taylor – I Believe In You
Black Heat – The Jungle

You get the picture. I love all of the songs… really. But I mean – at some point it’s overkill.

3. “I’ll Handle It” ~Olivia Pope Scandal Episode 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8…

One of my favorite shows of all time is Colombo. For those of you unfamiliar, Colombo was a 1970’s cop show about an unassuming detective who uses his incredible deductive reasoning skills and humility to solve crimes. I bring it up here because Colombo, like Olivia Pope was always right. Every single time. In every single episode of Colombo that exists, Colombo somehow figures out who the killer is within the first 5 minutes of him being on-screen and the rest of the hour is spent figuring out how he did it. He’s always right.

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You know that going into the show. What was cool about Colombo always being right was that the viewer always got to see him figure it out. We always got to see his methods. With Olivia Pope, too often the reader is just expected to accept the fact that she’s Olivia Pope therefore, it’ll get handled. Instead of fully fleshing out her character and giving us any indication of how she became this super-connected fixer, we just expected to believe that, no matter how dire the circumstance, a solution is just an Olivia Pope phone call away.