2. Olivia’s Faces…

This isn’t so much a Scandal thing as it is a Kerry Washington thing. Don’t get it twisted, I like Kerry, but she gotta chill with the facial expressions.

liv gif 1

liv gif 3




1. The Ongoing Liv/Fitz Melodrama

Seriously, I’m still holding out hope that Fitz doesn’t make it so that we can move on to a more compelling plot line. Lots of people have written and talked about the dynamics of them being an interracial pseudo relationship, about Olivia not playing her part as a side jawn… but really – I don’t care about any of that. It’s not about that. This particular plotline just sucks. Ain’t no more to it.

But this is all just me. I’m quite certain a number of you love Scandal and are planning to let me have it in the comments. Still, I had to get this off my chest. What do you all think? Do you love Scandal on ABC, hate it… indifferent?

I know I’ve been a pop-culture curmudgeon these last couple weeks first my post on Django Unchained, now this. Next week I’m gonna change lanes… till then… Y’all know what to do:

stay low and keep firing.