A couple of weeks we received a question from a new reader:

Hi I’m not sure if this question has been asked before, I’m a new reader. But as a man getting back with his ex that he dated for 6 months and didn’t cheat. Only Problems we had were communication and distance, those are big problems but I think those can be solved now after being apart a few months. Any opinions?

Back in June I wrote a post entitled “Why Second Go Arounds Aren’t So Bad.” I think it pretty much sums up a scenario such as this. I believe that if two people mature within the time they’re apart then they can surely try again. I don’t know of many long term relationships that didn’t have at least one separation for whatever reason. We’re not impervious to going through a rough patch or two.

I encourage former couples who are  exploring their relationship again to do so.  If both parties see the growth that they wanted to see then I think it’s worth it.  It’s at this point that you take into account only you and your partner’s feelings. Anyone that’s on the outside looking in has to understand that you two need to try this alone. You have to simply know that you all are both going to do better this time around. Make sure you both have  the same understanding. Don’t get back with someone simply off the merit that you miss them.

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To you good sir, I wish you luck. I hope things work out how you both would like. My only advice would be to commit to not reaching the breaking point you all did the first time. Enjoy getting that old thing back. Show everyone that not all exes are bad. Be good.

Do you all think second chances are permissive in some situations?

These are my words and I make no apologies.

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