protection is sexy

When you think of protection, what are some words or key phrases that come to mind? Is” sexy” one of them? Probably not, unless you’re next to someone buck-naked and they’re whispering the word in your ear. I’ll be honest, I never thought of protection as sexy. I merely saw it as a barrier to protect me from someone else, who might have something that I don’t want (Who wants STDs?). After the catholic schools, and “Scared Straight”-esque workshops showing what “could” happen should you obtain a sexually transmitted disease or infection (STD/STI), I got the point very quickly. I get the chills every time reimagining those pictures. Basically, condoms and anything other forms of protection were necessary; like going out in the rain with a raincoat or umbrella; like wearing Timbs during the winter, summer, spring and fall. LOL! Necessary. Right?

I remember college days and hearing stories from some guys who I unconsciously labeled as “RAW” champions (no references to WWE, of course). Not having that sex talk from your parents leaves anyone vulnerable to what sex is like without a condom. It’s like…warm…apple pie. Tupac would say it’s like revenge, but to me…words would probably fail. It’s a great feeling, but definitely not worth the potential consequences of contracting an STI/STD.

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But how often do you think about all forms of protection? I could easily list them myself, but I need your participation for a short moment. Give it your best shot and list all forms of protection. The first two readers to list the most will win today’s giveaways.

Women come in many different shapes, sizes, and buttons in different areas. We know you’re beautiful and guess what…sexy. But guess what? Your health is just as important as our [men] own. If I’m a single and mingling, and I choose to stimulate the love below (or button), what form of protection would I use? If you said dental dam, you would be correct. Funny you should say dental dam, because it just so happened the other night, while at a local bar handing out condoms I was approached by a woman, who happened to ask me the following question, “What is that?” She quickly asked pointing to a flavored (cola to be exact) dental dam in my hand. I told her what it was, but she cut me off and said, “What about Saran Wrap?”

*puts on Alex Trebek suit*

SBM Readers: I’ll take “Protection is Sexy” for $50 giveaway.

*Daily Double*

Me: What descriptive word separates Saran Wrap from Dental Dam? (Hint: It starts with a “P”)

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In closing, I’ll share similar words as Ashton Kutcher did during the Teen Choice Awards, “Be sexy. That’s smart, thoughtful and generous.”

Smart – Educate yourself and others when it comes to your sexual health.

Thoughtful – Don’t only think about your own health, but your partners as well. Protection is a two way street.

Generous – Ladies give that sloppy toppy, and drink that watermelon. Fellas continue to navigate the deep ocean floor. Just remember to use protective gear.

Protection is sexy 😉

By AlacrityAmir

Amir is a research scientist and community activist, who is also inspired to not only see growth in himself, but those he comes in contact with.