Yes would be the simple answer here.

There’s more behind that yes, which is probably why you’re reading this currently. I figured that this was the perfect time to rehash one of those really good conversations on celibacy. You see, America’s Golden Boy Russel Wilson currently dates the “cute an ting” Ciara. In a recent interview with The Rock Church, Wilson spoke on how they met. In addition to that he spoke about his faith and the role it plays in their relationship.

All good stuff if you ask me. Furthermore, I see people loving the hell out of this because society is so oversexualized. For someone like myself, I’m pretty numb to that. To many others, they are glad to see two prominent figures in our community take such a stand. What stand is this you ask? Wilson and Ciara are going to try their darnedest to abstain from sexual activity until they tie the knot.  As for the moment, there isn’t even a rope to tie. That’s neither here nor there.

When I caught wind of this news one solitary thing came to mind.

Boy are some bitter single women excited now! Scream at me now. I made a generalization. But in all honesty that was the first thing that came to mind. Following those thoughts, I began to think that this is something many women have been waiting to see. When women have these conversations with men about not having sex, they have had no donkey to pin. They have had no real tangible example to say hey, I want to be like such and such. Well there must be a tooth fairy because now they do!

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It has long been thought that men do not want to wait for sex.

Some men do not. If there are women available that will appease their needs then go forth by all means. But what this does show our black women in particular is that some men will wait (maybe not for marriage). Any guy that’s deeply into you and wants to grow with you will not look too hard at the clock as it pertains to pums. He will look at that clock though! But a man looks at the clock way more often with someone he’s not as mentally engaged with. In combat sports there is one simple rule. If you can control the head, you can control the body. In this instance, the head is the mind. The body is the physical experience that is sex. So essentially a man knows when we’re really engaged mentally, the sex will come. And since the sex is on its way (guaranteed) then there isn’t as much need to rush. Those are my analogies at least

To piggyback on that, women and men need to both be varied individuals.

You all have to engage each other. You all have to have interests in one another that maybe you don’t share but you have a curiosity about. That way, you’ll always have new things to talk about. Those are some ways in which you build that chemistry that will allow a man to take his foot off the gas a little bit. No question that Ciara and Russel have a great chemistry. It made it much easier to listen to the message God gave him in regards to “leading” her on this path. If he didn’t see a future with her, trust me he would not be bout it.

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So yes ladies, some men will wait (maybe not for marriage) but they’ll take their time courting if they feel the connection is worthy of such behavior. No need to be discouraged. But there is always the need for you all to be dope!

How do you all feel about the Russel Wilson and Ciara no sex relationship? Do you want to see more of this? Check out the clip below of the interview. Let’s get into it

These are my words and I make no apologies.


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