Over the past 3 days, been a lot of good back and forth and I think I can officially call The Comeback Girl my sister blog. Its been fun, but I can’t keep up with all of the comments and this is just to much.

Been some good comments and posts in response. I feel like there have been some really intellectual and eloquent statements, but I’m just going to end my participation with some general thoughts … but everyone else feel free to hate me, love me, or just yell at me.

  • Some women are just too demanding in my opinion and nothing is going to change them. If they need someone to open their car door, tie their shoes, pay for everything you want, and knock out your rent … I respect that … we just need to remain friends or cut buddies then.
  • Communication of your wants and needs are key to the success of a relationship. Guys need to be open about hearing what there girl wants and telling her what you need. Women, you need to realize we can’t read minds, so just say (in a positive constructive tone) what the problem is, and give us a chance to address it. If we don’t, then you have all rights to bounce or complain.
  • I will never agree with certain calling rules I have read over the past few days. I do believe in calling, and I will do it and enjoy it, but I refuse to have anyone complain to me if she is not putting in due diligence to call me (at least after “courting”).
  • Being busy doesn’t mean I’m not interested. Being busy means I’m busy. If I do nothing with my life and I use the excuse all the time thats one thing … but if I miss Tuesday’s call because the client had some pressing concerns … that me being busy.
  • Some of the views I have heard are extremely one sided. At one point I was almost convinced some women thought they needed to do nothing in the relationship except be there to answer their phone. One thing I have not heard at all is what is the woman’s role in things. What is she responsible for? What does she need to do to make the relationship work and prosper?
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I think thats it for now. Maybe More later.