There is a syndrome I have noticed for many years.  A mental disorder, an abnormality, a deficiency that is plaguing scores and scores of black women.  It can be debilitating towards relationships, finding a mate, and even just interacting with others on a platonic level.

This disease is known as heightened sense of attractiveness … HSA for short.

This syndrome is can be caused by several factors.  Sometimes you just have arrogant b*tches.  I mean … there are just women no matter how homely, overweight, and beaten in the face with an ugly stick they are … they’re still convinced they look good.

Often enough friends always want to “be nice”.  They refuse to let their friends know that they’re unattractive … or even just treat them like the homely she-wolves they are.

Sometimes you have women living in the past.  They used to be cute, but haven’t mentally accepted the real world result of the extra 60 lbs they gained over the past year.  These three causes afflict both sexes though … and aren’t terribly bad.  But the third … that’s a problem.

The biggest, most logically flawed, and most damaging cause for HSA is a common misconception shared by too many women …

Guys hit on me = I am attractive

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I will say this now and let it forever be burned into the minds, thoughts, and underlying principles of any female privileged to read this … GUYS (as a collective) WILL TRY TO F*CK ANYTHING! As a result, just because there is a guy paying you attention doesn’t mean that he finds you attractive or that you are attractive to the general population.  Even if he buys you stuff, does stuff for you, or seems “great” … there ic no guarantee.

To elaborate, sometimes we’re just really really horny.  Sometimes we forget our contacts at home and can’t see your pig snout.  Sometimes we are on the search for slumpbuster.  Maybe we even bet our friends over who could get the worst looking chic.  Or maybe we just want the attention of someone … anyone.  Whatever the case … you could be a dog and still be hit on constantly.

This had to be said because there are too many women walking around with an artificially inflated sense of “I’m Hot”.  They are super picky, think their a “catch”, and actually form a sense of arrogance.  Its uncalled for and I want to personally tell all of you who fall into that category … “Stop being a b*tch … your not that hot.”

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If I can educate just one female … then I have done a great service.

Go … good people of SBM … let your friends know … go up to a random fugly chic with a model strut and tell her “Your not that hot”.  Your helping make the world a better place.