I’ve talked about looking valuing a person’s Fundamental Character Flaws months ago.  It’s really important for anyone to be able to determine whether or not the “problems” of your potential lover and mate are just small surface defects or deep and unchanging flaws embedded in their core.

Ever taken the time to really get to know someone?  Learn everything there is to know about them … peel back all the complex layers of their inner being to expose their pure and simple core … only to find ugly evil black goo.

Yeah … black goo.

I’m talking about the stuff in spider-man that made up Venom.  I’m talking about the type of stuff that leaked out of the eyes of the victims of that girl from Heroes.  I’m talking about some f*cked up sh*t.

It’s always a shame … but you usually have no way of knowing.  They put on such a good front … their “representative” is great.  They seem nice, they seem logical, they seem great … but that inner evil black goo is sitting there …waiting to come out.

I have been lucky to have only met a few people who had that inner black goo … but enough so that I can describe a few types of “black goo individuals” (BGIs).

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The Insult Sniper

This person will cut you down and undermine you in the most obscure and secretive ways.  She will let you know that your stupid … but won’t call you stupid (e.g. “sometimes I wish you were smarter”).  She will make you feel like less of a man instead of supporting you (e.g. “my little brother can open that jar with no problem.  Maybe you should hit the gym”).  One of those b*tches on the sneak. This person is a BGI.

The Public Spectacle

They love to embarrass you in public.  Cursing you out in front of people, putting her finger in your face, questioning your manhood … all that good stuff.  Men do this too (like “woman, shut your mouth and get me a beer”) … but is more publicly shunned.  These people get joy out of publicly embarrassing you … they’re no good … f*cking BGIs.

The Liar

Something about lying to you just gets them wet.  They don’t ever tell the truth and they feel no remorse about constantly lying to you.  The lies can be big (“your the father”) or they can be small (“he’s just a friend”) … but your not getting the truth.  Dirty arse BGI.

Pure Evil

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This person is filled to the brim with that evil black goo.  She pushes over little kids, kills chickens, stabbed a few people, and voted for GW Bush (*shivers*).  She lies, manipulates, does whatever she wants to get whatever she wants.  She’ll tell you she’s pregnant to get that Ruth Chris’ dinner.  She spits in your food because you didn’t buy her diamonds.  She sleeps with your brother just to prove a point.  Antichrist isn’t a word to be thrown around often … but you have found her.  Again, men can be this too … but I don’t date guys … so … eh.  Truly beware of this BWI … she has so much Black Goo you may be infected and find yourself pushing over strollers within a little bit of time.

So … fear that black evilness … watch out for it.  Its deadly.