Boredom is a terrible thing. Luckily, I have this lovely blog here to help me with my wandering mind and my chronic battle with Adult ADD. What does all this have to do with anything? I’ll tell you: it leads me to think about exciting places to have sex.

As I sit here listening to the rain outside, letting dinner sink in, and while attempting to do the same thing someone pays me to do all day (program) at home for free … I slip away.  While computer code dances across my screen and I contemplate my current problem … I sit back and let my mind wander.  What kind of things go through the mind of a young viral single black male … yeah … you’re right … sex.

Because I love you all so much … I will share my thoughts … and give you the:

Single Black Male’s List of Mad Places to Have Sex

My Balcony

This one isn’t that mad, but I have a balcony that looks over a lake.  There is a path between my place and the lake where people constantly walk.  I want a late summer night, where it’s warm enough to be butt naked and tag another spot in my condo.

While Riding My Motorcycle

I haven’t figured out the actual physics or dynamics of this one … without killing myself, but I want to hit triple digits riding my bike while someone is holding on tight and riding me.  Man … the two best things in life combined into one pleasurable and destructive act.

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In the Observation Tower of The Washington Monument

I don’t think I have ever actually gone up into the Washington Monument in all the years I’ve lived here … so something about putting in that work while overlooking the DC skyline would fill me with a sense of pride about my birthplace … while I feel someone with my pride.

In a Helicopter

Really can’t explain this one.  Plane’s seem so last decade.  Not sure how well it would work with the pilot right there … but … this isn’t about feasibility.

The President’s Bed in the White House

He’s screwed over the country, so I should be able to screw where he lays his head… and leave a wet spot for him.  Plus … all the power which has resided in that bed …

In the Backseat of NASCAR car while winning the Indianapolis 500

I like speed and I like cars.  I’m not a NASCAR fan in any way shape or form … but I would be winning and scoring at the same time.  Also, the challenge of getting my stroke right while going around a track at more than 200 mph is one that I am willing to step up to.

In a Jail Cell (with a woman)

Blame this one on pornography fine cinema.

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That’s it from me for now. I’m going back to taking over the world, but rest assured, I’ll continue to explore and share more about exciting places to have sex in the future. Stay tuned for more adventurous and thrilling ideas that will keep your imagination running wild.