As I perused the deeper regions of my mind searching for a topic, I decided to listen to the best readers in the world (yes … you) and hit our skribit page (a place where you can suggest topics for us to write on) and came across one troubled individual.

why do women lead men on, and vice versa?

Wait … your telling me people get stringed along?  You mean if I take a girl’s number, that means I like her? And when I don’t call her, I was stringing her along for asking in the first place?

Sh* me …

Without even knowing it, this person forced me to self reflect on the corrupt and foul life I have lived possible reasons when it came to “stringing people along”.

For those of you who are slow need a definition:

Stringing a Person Along: To feign interest in a person of the opposite sex (or same if that is how you roll) for some purpose, although you don’t like them

Now, as a guy I know why I have done it in the past.  And being all knowing, I can figure out a few reasons women do it.  And of course … you got the universals … the stuff we all do.

I present … SBM’s Reasons to String em along

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She might give me the bop, let me in, put it on me

As most women know, guys usually have two groups for all potentials … jump-offs and wifeys.  Either your good for one thing that requires a thin piece of latex (or a pill) or you could be the mother of my future child.  If someone gets the JO stamp, but wants a ring … stringing maybe necessary to ensure future beats and keep her happy.


Gurrlll … he paid

As Project Pat said it best, “bawk bawk … chicken chicken … chicken head”.  Even if you haven’t earned the official CH card, there are a lot with CH tendencies.  A guy with money who likes to spend it on women (read: simp) is hard to let go.  You can’t stand him, but who else is gonna pay for Ruth’s Chris every Wednesday.

He’s the perfect guy (too bad I don’t want him)

There are a lot of great guys out there … just not enough (The staff here at are rare jewels … remember that).  Extensive research by the research for black love has shown that women often find good men (good jobs, nice, caring, nice to his momma) who they just aren’t attracted to.  Might be personality, looks, or something else … but whatever it is … it’s a problem.  Problem is, you can’t through away a diamond.  So he gets strung along until he somehow becomes more attractive.

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Maybe someday … but not today

So you kind of like them, but not enough to settle down.  Maybe you just signed a $150 million deal and your not ready to give up the groupies.  Either way … you don’t want to give them up completely … so if you can just trick them into waiting for a year or two after the crabs clear up it could be all them.

It’s so hard to say “leave me alone”

Maybe you liked them at first. Maybe you were forced to go out because of your friend.  But they keep inviting you out and your obviously a soft motherf* too nice to say no, so this person is fooled into thinking there is something good going on.  Sad day …

Your bored

Who wants to stay home on the weekend by themselves?  How many “girl’s nights out” can you really take with them fake hatin chics? Chillin with the boys is good and all … but they lack that one warm cavern of yum … and it will get old.  So … sometimes you keep someone around just because you need someone something to do on the weekend.  Especially if you have them understanding the concept of dutch (applies to guys only) then dates are really fun.

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How does the fam feel about this?  Why did you string some poor soul along recently?  Why are you letting him take you out tomorrow although you can’t stand him?  Why did you send her that 1 am text although everything about her irritates you?  Do tell …


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