With the holidays nearing we will travel from whatever our locations are around the country to our hometowns. It’s an excellent time to visit family and friends, enjoy home cooked meals, and hang out with the old buddies. I always enjoyed this time home from brick ass cold Syracuse, NY. I enjoyed hanging out with my friends and seeing how we were all changing so much every year. I remained friends with a lot of my ex-girlfriends from high school even throughout college. So I enjoyed the time that we spent catching up over the holidays and sometimes reminiscing down memory lane. Me and group of friends would always have a house party where everyone could meet up, drink, and hang out as old friends at least one night over the holidays. Without fail, there was always some “innocent” hooking up going down.

Read along for the typical hookups that many of us will experience over the holiday season.

1) The Old High School Significant Other
Your first love is probably the one that’s the hardest to ever let go. You fell in love with this person and they were many of your firsts. When you were together you imagined that you’d be the lucky couple that made it; High School sweethearts whose love would stand the test of time. Maybe when you moved away to college or as you grew older you drifted apart as significant others, but the love never goes away. It’s no surprise that when you see each other again those feelings all come rushing back and lead you to find solace in the arms of one another again. You end up rekindling a flame that was extinguished but not necessarily for any cause.

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2) The Old High School Crush
Everyone has one or two, I probably had six. I was a short and skinny HS senior who grew 5 inches in my freshman year of college. Many girls who found me short were now in love with me and wanted to give me that chance they never gave me in high school. For some, it just never worked out. You may have been with your HS sweetheart at the time and that other guy who you thought you’d have to wait for the next lifetime for is suddenly available.

3) The Old Around The Way Crush
Musiq said it best, “Who would have known the girl next door would have been you?” It’s amazing that when you were 12, dating a 10 year old was nasty. And when you were 18, dating a 14 year old was downright pedophile status. However, when you’re 22 and she’s 18, Skinny Jenny turns into a hot babe named Jennifer. And maybe you were the guy that Jennifer had a crush on her whole life, but you never gave her the time of day and spent most of the time teasing. Well, Skinny Jenny now has long black hair down her back, measurements, 34-26-34, and she is looking FINE.

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Many people will not be single, some may be in relationships away at school. But their significant other went their way and they went theirs. So for the current time and moment, the “not in the same zip code, it isn’t cheating” rule is in effect. Plus, if your crush has a significant other as well, then it isn’t cheating either. These are all just jokes, I actually don’t agree with any of those excuses, but to each their own. The point remains, the holidays are a typical season for rekindling lost flames.

With all that said, Happy Thanksgiving. I hope you enjoy this holiday and the ones to come with loved ones.

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