Wikipedia defines Valentine’s Day as the following:

Saint Valentine’s Day[1] (commonly shortened to Valentine’s Day[1][2][3]) is an annual holiday held on February 14 celebrating love and affection between intimate companions.[1][3] The holiday is named after one or more early Christian martyrs named Valentine and was established by Pope Gelasius I in 496 AD. It is traditionally a day on which lovers express their love for each other by presenting flowers, offering confectionery, and sending greeting cards (known as “valentines“).

The day has some historical value, as it actually honors men who were martyrs in early times, who were commonly names Valentine.  By the 14th century, it began to identify with these elements of love, and the true value of the day was lost.  I say this to prove I did my research show that this day actually meant something substantial. Am I saying that love is irrelevant? No. I’m just going to tell you what a lot of men may be scared to say to your face: Valentine’s Day is bullshyt! Walk with me (preferably in front of me because I don’t want the women throwing cupid arrows at my neck) as I explain my stance.

I think when it comes to importance, this day is extremely hyped! Some women will take Valentine’s Day as serious as a wedding anniversary, birthday, or other more important milestone. I’m asking WHY?! This one day, set aside to “honor love” is actually more media driven than anything. The retail company’s, restaurants, 1-800 representatives, and Hallmark have all swindled you (especially women) into making this day more significant than it truly deserves. Most men feel this way, but will never tell you to your face to avoid the arguments and keep Pandora’s lovely box closed. Besides, we know your girlfriends will put the battery in  your back to demand and fully expect to get pampered and catered to on this day, even though it’s allegedly supposed to be a 2-Way celebration of love!

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I used to get roasted by girlfriends when I explained that I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day because 1) I think the premise behind its commercialism is bs, 2) You should do these things daily, and 3) There are many more important milestones to celebrate! To keep it fully funky with you, if your man doesn’t take you out, show that he cares, remembers important dates, and honors your love consistently, does he get absolved of those sins for representing on V-Day? Does the consistent boyfriend deserve to get chastised for not recognizing Valentine’s Day? Something about that dynamic screams bamboozled to me!

I know some may reply with “What about Christmas and Easter and all the other “made up holidays”? You celebrate those religiously. What makes it different?” Well I would say the key element is faith. When it comes to religion, which is faith-based, you hold a certain embedded belief in the principles and meaning in that moment. Also, to compare the importance and relevance of Easter to Valentine’s Day is like comparing Soulja Boy to Mozart. I truly feel for anyone who holds Valentine’s Day on a similar pedestal.

The only positive I can see about celebrating this day si if you’re single and you go out on a V-Day date. That one day of the year is set aside for any single man to wine and dine a female of interest and potentially score a home run. Imagine that Valentine’s Day is like having the Home Run derby at Coors Field on that day. Catch me with 2 arms up, touchdown!!

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I can hear the age old question now: “Streetz #youmad?!” Nope. not at all. I believe that Valentine’s Day is a relationship swindle and while there’s NOTHING wrong with celebrating it, its true value should remain at a normal and manageable level. Fellas, if you know your lady wants to celebrate this day, oblige her. Please don’t break your pockets in the process. Save the paper for that anniversary your cellphone calendar remindes you about yearly and go all IN! Ladies, don’t kill a brother if they aren’t interested in the day, especially if he’s consistent!

For all of that, I will celebrate Valentine’s Day this year, and you should too! It’s going to be one hell of an NBA All Star Sunday ;-).

Open your hearts, and your thoughts. Let’s share and discuss.

Love is Love,